My Most Outrageous Stunt

Warning, OUTRAGEOUS is a series of filth, swearing, insanity and gross images. The easily offended (and not so easily) and anyone under about 35 should stop reading right now!


My most outrageous stunt ever was while at the local swimming baths. With little experience of the fairer sex, I used to like going under water and opening my eyes, swimming as close to unsuspecting “big girls” as possible and staring, curious and aroused, at the soft mound between their legs.

One day, I saw this girl with a bunch of brown pubes hanging out of the side of her bikini bottom. This was back before the Hitler moustache and brazilian had become de rigueur. Anyway, possessed by some demon, I carefully reached out and gave them a sharp, depilating tug, then swam away under-water-giggling and almost drowning myself in the process.

Laugh? I expect she did several years later at something entirely unrelated to protruding knicker-beards and painful sexual harassment. It was a bit of an immature thing for me to do, I realise that now, but hey, I was only forty-one at the time and I wasn’t on the tablets then.



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I'm a great bloke. That's all you need to know. ;)
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4 Responses to My Most Outrageous Stunt

  1. Jean says:


  2. Plugly says:

    It was YOU was it?

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