Eat the Rich

So the TUC is calling for people to unite and that strikes and peaceful civil disobedience should be used against the government to stop them slashing services, throwing thousands out of work and cutting benefits. But if they don’t make all these cuts, you say (because that’s the propaganda they fed you on the one minute news, in between cops with cameras and mock the week, that you sucked up like a sponge) the massive overspend on services and public sector jobs won’t be sorted out. Obviously, then, you are one of the sheep who falls for their lies over and over again. Let me explain why we have a deficit, shall I…?

Forty eight million pounds per day thrown down the drain of europe. Billions given away to bail out Greece, Ireland and Portugal. Uncountable billions squandered on wars that have fuck all to do with us, with million pound bombs and missiles going whizz bang every hour of the day much to the delight of the arms dealers all growing fat on death and bloodshed. Brown selling off our gold reserves at knock down prices, all hoovered up by his rich paymasters who subsequently made gazillions in profit as gold prices soared. Over a trillion pounds given to banks that should have been allowed to fail, run by a bunch of thieves who are still paying out billions in bonuses even as their companies are losing our money like water through a sieve. And to cap it all, while we were paying out for three thousand politicians in 1997, thanks to now having four governments in Britain and hundreds of MEPs and bureaucrats, we are now forking out for THIRTY THOUSAND of the useless lowlives (with the net result being them interfering in every part of your life, while fining you for any indiscretion they can think of to further dip into your almost empty pockets to fund their perks and pensions).

Still think the deficit is due to overspend on schools and hospitals and police, because if you do, get yourself a big hat with MUG printed on the front. How anyone can still be so deaf, dumb, blind and stupid to keep swallowing their bullshit makes me want to scream.

Already I can hear people raging against those bloody jumped up unions. Who the hell do they think they are. Bob Crowe, the trouble making communist, he earns a nice salary, the hypocrite. I can also hear them saying, cutting benefits, damned right, all those scroungers and layabouts deserve it. Why should I pay my tax to keep them, while they lay in bed doing nothing? They should get off their arses and find a job. Which would be fine, of course, if there were any jobs TO find. Which would also be fine, if what jobs there are weren’t all being given to cheaper migrant labour, as they have been for the last decade. Which would be finer still if the political elites who destroyed mining, ship building, steel working, fishing, manufacturing, etc, weren’t the ones now making you blame all the millions they put out of work in the first place for their own predicament.

Here’s another thing to consider. They are going to cut fifty thousand nurses, not only will that affect every one of us, but how long will those nurses be unemployed before you start calling them dole cheats and scroungers? They’re also going to cut thousands of police and soldiers, making you less safe (if that’s possible) and the unemployed coppers and squaddies into another bunch of benefit spongers. Not to mention that now they want prospective coppers to work for a year and a half without pay and/or pay for their own training and graduates are also expected to work for nothing to “gain experience”. The big society is a pretty label for people working for free. Why don’t they just bring back slavery and have done with it. That’s exactly where they’re heading, after all.

Lots of public sector jobs are going to go, an estimated one hundred and fifty thousand jobs, in fact. Good, you cry! They are non jobs and why should I fund their generous pensions. They are being told, by the way, that their contracts and pension entitlements are going to be ripped up and changed, but isn’t it funny how they told us an arsehole like the last RBS chief exec couldn’t have his lavish pension cut because it was in his contract. Contracts only count for the rich, for the ordinary worker, they aren’t worth the shithouse paper they are written on.

Fine, get rid of 150 thousand local government jobs, only once those jobs are cut, not only will those people no longer be paying tax, they will all also become benefit cheats in your eyes, won‘t they? After all, everyone on benefits is a lazy cheat. We know that because we see all the adverts (more often known as propaganda) proving it. We’re watching you, you lazy crooks, don’t think you’re going to get away with it. Big brother is on your case, we know what you’re up to and there is no hiding place. We can’t have you living it up on sixty-five quid a week when you could be working for fifty hours for about ten quid more. FFFS.

For those in and out of work, wages and benefits are being frozen or cut. Meanwhile prices in the shops are shooting up by the day. Don’t know about you, but I’m poor enough to notice every increase. A packet of white label shortcake biscuits, for instance, last week was 25p, this week 33p, a rise of over 30%. My small jar of coffee has gone from 75p to £1.79p, up 133% in two years. My cheap butter at 85p,  is now £1.15 over 35% higher. Own brand indigestion tablets, less than two years ago were 93p, now they cost me £2.00, a rise of 50% in year one and nearly 50% in year two. I could go on listing many other items, but the point is, while they tell us inflation is 5% per annum, the reality (especially if you include massive rises in utility costs, council tax etc), is nearer thirty percent or possibly a lot more. My rent has just gone up by over 25%, for crying out loud!

They are clever with their lies, of course. Put a fifty inch flat screen TV on the shopping list and it starts high and plunges in price, bringing the average down with it, masking the leaps in grocery prices. They even include computer dating in their shopping basket of goods and at one point they were considering putting tattoos on the list but dropped the idea at the last minute. I eat bread and butter, not tattoos, dodgy dates and televisions, how about you?

Set against that, bonuses for managers in the footsie top one hundred companies are back to the levels they were at, pre-recession. On average, that means bonuses of 100% of salary. Cappella, football manager, a job that at best can be described as part-time (pick a team, decided on a formation, tell the players you want them to play well, go home), six million pounds per year. The players themselves,  150, 200 thousand pounds plus per week for kicking an inflated bit of plastic around a patch of grass – and not very well – before off to the club for a night of booze and drugs, or a quick visit to the whorehouse. The new boss of Barclays bank, eleven million pounds a year and it was just reported the number of billionaires in this country have substantially increased and as a group they have all seen their wealth increase dramatically. How can that be in a recession? Because they are shafting you at every opportunity.

Point is, the greed of the top earners goes on year in and year out unrestricted and without shame, while hard-working people and those who are unable to find employment are bashed and bashed and bashed again – forced to pay for the banks gambling our money away and that prick Brown (and the rest of them) frittering cash like it grows on trees and sending hundreds of millions to Pakistan, China and India.

The wealthy in this country during the recession of the 1970s were taking 50% of the national wealth, leaving the other half to be shared amongst the rest of us. Now, with around ten million more people in the population, they are taking 71% of the wealth (higher than since 1930) leaving next to fuck all for us millions of mugs, which has forced more children into poverty than since the 50s (which was, of course, only five years after a major war and with rationing still in force). In fact, the top 50% of earners take 94% of the available cash, the bottom 50% left with 6% to share. That’s bloody fair, I don’t think. The differential between top earners and bottom earners in 1985 was 1 to 14, now it’s 1 to 128, after Greece, making the UK the most unequal society in europe, which I find disgusting.

Does any of this pain and belt-tightening affect the very people who got us into this mess in the first place? Of course not. Do they still keep sending our cash abroad in aid when we are skint (even to India and China, the two fastest growing economies in the world), yes they do. Do they still keep giving the EU 20 billion quid a year, while we have to get rid of nurses and police, yes they do.  Do they ever listen to the people they are supposed to represent, stone fucking deaf is the answer to that!

Cameron has been pontificating about wanting the poor to be taken care of by charities, rather than the state. What’s the logical conclusion of that? Workhouses? Soup kitchens? Are we, in the 21st century, really going to slide backwards towards our Victorian past? Perhaps, if we’re lucky, the rich will allow us paupers to work fourteen hours a day as their scullery maids and footmen, keeping their gated communities cleaned and swept before returning to our slums, running the gauntlet of the armed gangs and muggers they have let out of prison to save even more cash that they can then pay into their own bank accounts. Perhaps, if we’re good little slaves, they will throw us an occasional bone and give us a goose for Christmas. That‘s if the sharia law they are aiding and abetting at every turn hasn‘t banned Christmas by then.

Thatcher encouraged everyone to buy the houses they lived in, inflation went through the roof, the backside fell out of the housing market and untold thousands of people lost their homes. The main reason she did that, was simply to get people into so much debt, they would never again dare go on strike for fear of losing their home. It was an anchor she put around people’s necks and while some did well out of it, the main purpose was for social engineering.

They went on and on at people to save for their retirement, to put as much as possible into their pensions, Gordon highwayman Brown came along and stuck his big hairy hand into the previously cash rich pension funds and crippled them. I knew a guy who was a year off of retirement, but his pension was so decimated, he had no choice but to work on. He died a while ago, God rest his soul. Never did get to retire or put his feet up and after more than 50 years of hard graft and saving, he was forced to work until he dropped.

Meanwhile, that little dirt box Rooney, is paid more in a week than he managed to save in his entire working life. Funny what is considered valuable and what is considered disposable. A decent, law-abiding, hard-working man, can be forced to graft until his body gives out on him and he dies, while that Neanderthal little cunt (and I’m not apologising for using that word), has money chucked at him by the wheelbarrow full. Excuse me while I gob on the floor in disgust.

This minority government, with no real mandate from the people, is going to kick the hell out of the poor to middling among us, while those at the top of the tree cut themselves ever larger slices of the pie, leaving the rest of us to go hungry. The rich, by design or by just not giving a fuck, are waging war on the poor and it’s high time they were marched on in numbers because, as in the past, the only thing that stops them wallowing in their greed is when the poor put the fear of God into them.

A single unemployed person gets £65 per week, the boss of Barclays, £211.538 per week and yet all the hatred and condemnation is aimed at the man or woman with sixty-five quid to fund his/her wonderful life of leisure. A bus driver gets slagged off for threatening to strike over his demand of a 5% pay rise, which won’t even dent the increased costs he is facing, while monkey faced Rooney is paid £600 grand to endorse coca cola. Personally, I think all those who rage against people who scrape by on next to nothing, while not even thinking about the real crooks and robbers, the city boys, the bankers, footballers, TV execs, etc, have got their heads on back to front!

Stop beating up on poor people and direct your anger where it truly belongs. Stop denigrating people who are floundering around at the bottom of the pile and direct your rage where it really belongs, at those at the top, feathering their gold-plated nests while the rest of us struggle. Direct the snide remarks and insults at the likes of the European parliament who voted themselves a lower tax rate than the rest of us pay, while voting for an increased eu budget when every other budget is being cut. Have a daily rant at all the stinking-rich people with their offshore accounts and tax dodges that cost this country ten thousand times more than all the benefit claimants put together. Stop falling for the propaganda and misdirection thrown at you by the very people who are sucking up all the wealth, leaving nothing for you and me.

If 95% of the wealth is owned by 5% of the people, can anyone explain to me why any of us need to struggle? If those avaricious bastards released their grip on even two or three percent of their vast fortunes, there would be more than enough to go around so everyone could live a half decent life. But they won’t, because enough is never enough. They want to own and control everything and that includes YOU!

There were a million people unemployed a brief few years ago, now there are going on three million, with about another five million “economically inactive”, and every one of them called a sponger, a layabout or a dole cheat. Do you really believe several million people woke up one morning and said, to hell with it, I think I’ll stay in bed and live on £65 per week when four small lamb chops would cost them ten percent of their income?

If you do, I suggest you try living on £65 for a few weeks and see just how much fun that is. See how healthy and happy you become living on crap food in white labels and worrying all day every day about the next bill that is going to drop through the door. Find out what it’s like never being able to go anywhere, or do anything, because you don’t have any money. You don’t go to the cinema for a treat, believe me, not when you don’t even have enough cash for the bus fare to get there.

Wake up to reality, for fuck’s sake. The rich are robbing us all blind, snorkelling through lakes of cream, while some of us can’t afford a pint of milk. A couple of centuries ago, they used to come for your money on horseback, wearing armour. Now they do it in a car that costs more than your house, wearing Armani suits and living in mansions that would shame King Midas, but they are still the same robber barons of old.

Greed, greed and more greed, not only leaves little to filter down to the ordinary folks, it also causes social deprivation, poverty, delinquency, slum housing, increased crime, and rising alcoholism and drug abuse, to name but a few. Then they blame it all on feckless chavs, as though they weren’t the ones who created the conditions for people to become depressed, desperate and degraded like that in the first place.

Shop lifting is shooting up and why? Not because people have all suddenly become thieves, but because they are becoming desperate. Since the recession has come and gone (it never went really), billionaires have seen their wealth increase by over 20%. Has your wealth gone up, or has it fallen by 20% or more? If you’re living on £65 and your costs have increased by a quarter, why wouldn’t you be tempted to stick a leg of lamb up your shirt and a bottle of booze down your trousers, especially knowing those elite bastards who put you out of work would spend your entire week’s money on a bottle of plonk in their club and think nothing of it (while putting up the cost of cheap cider – for your own good, of course – putting your only escape from grim reality out of reach)?

Whoever said eat the rich was spot on. The greedy, grasping scumbags need spit roasting. Now where did I put that big cooking pot and the oxo cubes…


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4 Responses to Eat the Rich

  1. Heather says:

    I largely agree with you Tony but I am in sympathy with people whose jobs at tube ticket offices are being axed. Ever stood in a long queue to buy a ticket at any of the kiosks there? These jobs should be increased, not axed.
    I’ve mixed feelings about axing nurses jobs. There are some dedicated, caring nurses, I’ve no doubt about that, but I’ve seen more than my fair share of lazy arsed nurses too. I’ll be glad to see some of them go.
    Unions have become corrupt, like every other large organization in the UK What’s the alternative? The ordinary working man/woman simply cannot afford to take employers to court. Seems to me that it is largely immigrants, asylum seekers, prisoners and rich people who have access to Legal Aid these days. The Union bosses collecting ludicrously large salaries do need to be challenged though. Their greed knows no bounds.

    • tonyjayg says:

      It seems like ordinary decent working people are being trampled over at every turn. The unions are corupt, I agree. When I had problems working in a local council, UNISON wouldn’t even send anyone with me as a witness at the various meetings I had to go to. In the end, I had to fight my own battle from start to finish. I don’t know what the answer is, but the main point of my rant is to stop people constantly being down on the unemployed. They have a tough enough time without constantly being called crooks and layabouts. Depression sets in, self esteem and confidence fly out of the window and then every time you switch on TV or look at a paper, there you are being called a scrounger. We all know there are some piss-takers, but many are just in a situation they would much rather not be. Those who slag them off all the time, should bear in mind it could be their job torn out from under them next. Then they’ll find out how difficult things are.

  2. Heather says:

    I hear you. This unjust campaign against the unemployed is really nothing short of bullying and media manipulation. Exactly where are all these so called scroungers supposed to find jobs? My daughter in law has just applied for a book-keeping job. There were over 200 applicants. The jobs just aren’t there.

    • tonyjayg says:

      That’s what I’m getting at here Heather. Today Cameron was talking about fairness, saying look after those who can’t help it, but those who won’t work don’t deserve it, like all those who are fit should be working or else they are lazy robbing scum. Well how can you work when there is no work? How can you work when all the jobs are being given to migrants? So if you can’t find a job, you should be condemned and abused and cut off from financial help? I hate these fucking bastards. They want to take us back to the victorian age and beyond and I HATE them more than I can explain. Cancer is too good for them.

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