Something Evil This Way Cometh.

Something evil this way cometh…

This is a ramble through the thoughts that keep me awake at night. I’m not claiming they have any clear pattern, but that’s the nature of thoughts that keep you awake. Nor is this a full transcript. To do that would wear my fingers to the nub typing and so much shit is going on in this world, I can only address portions of it at a time. I write it down to try to make sense of it. As for you, take it or leave it. As the global warming fascists said recently, no pressure!

Is it planet x (AKA Niburu or The Great Destroyer or Wormwood) hurtling through space and coming to wipe us out? Is it nuclear war? Or maybe a man-made plague will be unleashed. One way or another, I am convinced that the New World Order is a reality and that the evil people who run this world are determined to see it through. No doubt some people who read this will think I’m either nuts or have fallen for a pack of lies from various conspiracy theorists, but I wouldn’t be so sure of that if I were you.

I have said previously that the rich and powerful will not see this planet used up, because that will mean their own destruction and the destruction of their ruling dynasties, which have been around for centuries. They will find a way to cull humanity down to a manageable level and those who are left will be controlled like slaves. Seems like the middle east is already being culled by one means or another.

Since I first said all that about the elites and their dark plans some years ago, I have come across a lot of material from a lot of different people that supports my view, a view which I came to on my own just by looking at what is going on around me, at the massive changes taking place around the world and by taking account of all the many lies being told to us, which sadly, most people take at face value, swallowing all their bullshit hook line and sinker.

Now I may be depressed, but I am not paranoid, nor am I delusional. I am a reasonably well-educated man with a good Batchelor’s Degree in English and Social Sciences. My BA was an honours degree for which I had to write a ten thousand word dissertation, and I also trained as a journalist with this countries top journalism college and passed with distinction, or flying colours to use the vernacular. So I know how to think and research and then weigh up and evaluate that research. And my IQ would top trump over 98% of the population (as I never tire of reminding people, lol), so I’m no dumbarse trekkie seeing aliens hiding behind every bin.

Planet x I’ve talked about before, but let’s look at some of the things that make me believe it’s a real possibility. First, why is the region of space this thing is supposed to be coming from blacked out on Google. What reason would they have for censoring one small block of space? Take a look for yourself, the coordinates are: 5h 53m 27s -6 10’ 58. If the missing bit was a blip or an oversight, the mighty Google would surely have corrected it long ago, wouldn‘t they?

Also, why, when there are a million nutters and conspiracy theorists posting stuff on YouTube, would those who run YouTube pull the account of the person putting video warnings about planet x on their site? If it’s all rubbish, why would they concern themselves? Not that they have much success, as fast as they delete one, two more spring up. They have created their own many-headed Hydra and trying to lop off all of its heads is all but impossible. No doubt, to their eternal disgust.

Not quite done with planet x, but what about nuclear war. Several years ago a prominent American politician (whose name escapes me as names always seem to) said he felt that, within the next decade, millions of Americans would die on their own soil. Perhaps he said so because the former Soviet Union has somehow accidentally mislaid a good number of their nuclear bombs, which are now thought to be in the hands of terrorists. By mislaid, I mean very likely sold. If America is a target, then you can bet your arse we are too. The Iranian regime hates our guts for a start off, never mind all the crap we’ve got involved with in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, and the possibility of more to come with Syria and terrorism from Pakistan.

Now for some of the things I’ve seen recently which make me believe death on a grand scale is on it’s way. First is the fact that in America today they apparently have 6 to 8 hundred death camps built, not dissimilar to Auschwitz. They have rail lines in and out and barbed wire fencing and also have huge furnaces installed. One of these I’ve seen on YouTube was described by a US government mouthpiece as a repair depot for trains and the furnaces as heating for the shed workers. If they are rail yards, then why is all the barbed wire pointing inwards, why are the fences doubled with a rat run in between just like in a concentration camp and why are there watch towers posted around the perimeter. As for heating for workers, I used to drive trains in and out of repair depots and even in this freezing country, they are open to the elements with no heating whatsoever.

Something stinks, methinks. The next chilling thing I’ve seen recently, also in America, is a field stacked with half a million plastic coffins. These coffins are large enough to hold maybe as many as six bodies and have flat lids so they can be stacked one on top of the other. Apparently there are more of them around the country, but that was just in one field. Why? What are they expecting? Death on a grand scale, obviously. The grand cull of humanity, as I will now call it, certainly looks like it’s being prepared for.     

Planet x, nuclear war, man-made plague, anthrax, or plain old mass murder to dwarf what was done by the Nazis, something is in the air. Did you know, for instance, that every seed known to man has been buried in bunkers deep in the arctic, all wrapped in anti-radiation foil packets (as reported on BBC and elsewhere) and that over many years our rulers have been building what are called DUMBs, or deep underground military bases (not reported anywhere). Look on YouTube and you can see them for yourselves. They are very deep and huge. They are stocked to the rafters with food and supplies and even have crops growing underground, including rice. Strange how none of our lords and masters have ever mentioned them to us, isn’t it. And do you know why? Because they are built for the elites to scurry into and not for the rest of us plebs. Whatever is on it’s way, they will be safe and we will be left to die, or be actively wiped out.

There are those who claim, including what purport to be leaks from CIA sources, that the plan is to reduce the population of the world by 90%. Sounds like madness, doesn’t it, but I’m not so sure. Some of the YouTube videos talk about the antichrist and how we are in the end times and that only 10% will be saved to serve the beast. Having never previously been religious, I had a small chuckle at that one. But then I saw something else that made me wonder. One video said that a monument to the antichrist has already been built in Georgia. It has a lot of stuff carved on it in a range of languages, including, the film said, that the population of the world should be maintained at under 500 million. They then show the monument itself and there, those exact words can be plainly seen, that the world population should be maintained at below 500 million. As there are now around 7 billion, that would necessitate wiping out over 6 billion. 6 million Jews in the second world war, 6 billion more humans one day soon perhaps?

Let’s just mention climate change as well, shall we. The leaked e-mails from government scientists a couple of years back (now unemployed and in fear of their lives I wouldn’t wonder) say that they have been manipulating data to blame global warming on mankind, when it simply isn’t true. An eminent scientist I saw on News night a couple of years ago said that man is having some effect, but by and large global warming is a natural phenomena and if you look at YouTube any number of scientists are saying exactly the same thing. I saw one explaining a graph of world temperatures. Did you know, for instance, that around five thousand years ago, the Earth was considerably warmer than it is today and there was more CO2 in the atmosphere? We weren’t all driving cars five thousand years ago, so how do they explain that?

Not saying pollution isn’t a bad thing. Of course it is and it’s killing the flora and fauna of this planet daily, but us actually changing the climate is like saying the ant nest in your back garden is undermining the foundations of your house. Besides, they tell us off for driving cars, then introduced a scrapage scheme to encourage people to buy new cars. They drill for gas using huge cocktails of chemicals (fracking), causing mini-earthquakes and squirting millions of gallons of water into the ground, poisoning water supplies for everyone, and the enviro-nazis don’t make a squeak of protest.

They tell us we shouldn’t fly to reduce our carbon footprints, yet were until recently intent on building more runways to facilitate even more flights and want to build a new London airport. And they go on drilling for more and more oil, while telling us oil is killing mother earth. They preach one thing, yet do the exact opposite and that doesn’t add up.

If global warming is the threat they say it is why isn’t there a plan to phase out petrol cars and bring in electric and even hydrogen driven vehicles. And what bloody difference will it make if this tiny nation drives five miles a week less when billions of Chinese and Indians are buying cars in their millions. Absolutely none whatsoever.

Why aren’t they also telling us to stop eating burgers if cow farts are doing more damage to the ozone layer than car drivers (according to the oracle Paul McCartney, anyway). It’s all one enormous lie. They used to use the threat of war to take what powers they wanted over us, now the threat is an over-heating planet and/or terrorism.

When I was a small boy in school, they taught that there was an ice age ten thousand years ago and that there will be another one ten thousand years from now, so the planet seems to heat up and cool down as it likes and we have very little to do with it in my humble opinion.

Now some claim that global warming is being used to disguise the effects of planet x until all the rich and powerful can sneak off to their safe bunkers without the rest of us figuring out what’s going on. If we do, then they fear not only rioting and civil unrest, but that we might rise up and take their bunkers away from them. That would never do, would it.

Others say the global warming threat is being trumped-up so “they” can take more and more powers, tax us all to death, remove our civil liberties and basically control every person and every resource. A bit of a hiccup in our governments plans was being forced to drop ID cards, but if they’d got away with it, what a good way to catalogue every person in the country. They had ID cards in Nazi Germany if memory serves correct and look at what happened there. If what I’ve been seeing is to be believed, that holocaust will look like a tea party compared to what they have planned.

And democracy is already dying, if not dead already. We had an unelected prime minister in Gordon Brown, with unelected son of Satan Peter Mandelson running just about every government department; now we have a coalition government no one voted for, an unelected President for Europe and puppet governments in Greece and Italy and if that isn’t taking away power from the people, then what is it?

The old USSR was an amalgamation of all the countries surrounding Russia itself, ruled over by an elite who simply took power for themselves without recourse to the people, keeping sway by the use of a police state. So what is the difference between that and Europe? Increasingly we live in a police state, watched by four million cameras, innocent people being DNA swabbed, peaceful protestors being assaulted and even killed. I sometimes ask myself if I’m the only one noticing what’s going on and if everyone else is too busy watching Eastenders to either see it or care. Sleep walking into slavery, such a shame.

So Hitler couldn’t conquer all the surrounding nations of Germany, but now the political elites and the dark forces who truly rule this world have managed it by using people’s indifference against them and by telling nothing but lies for the last forty years. Does anyone remember when the EU was nothing more than an open market and now they’re talking about a European army and getting rid of all national flags and anthems and already have a European arrest warrant in place allowing them to deport and imprison people without even telling them what they stand accused of.

It’s all part of the New World Order plot, just as the flooding of this country by millions of immigrants is. They are breaking up national boundaries and the same thing is happening in the US. It’s all part of a deliberate plan, make no mistake about it, and whatever they are truly up to, it is quite simply evil.

If or when the holocaust that some claim is coming happens, those who are against the new world order will be killed, most of the others too, and those who are left will have to agree to have an electronic chip placed in their hands. The films I’ve seen are linking it to the antichrist and how it says in the bible his followers will have to have 666 placed on their right hands. This chip already exists and I’ve seen it on CNN news. It’s called the RFID chip 666. Coincidence? Who knows, but it chills the blood to think we could all be chipped up and scan-able like a product in a supermarket and remember how the Nazis numbered all their Jewish prisoners like so many branded cattle?

They say it is for people’s safety and to fight terrorism, of course, so we will meekly accept it, but how do we get rid of the evil bastards running this world once they can track our every move and know where we are at every second? You got GPS in your car, they know everywhere you go, how long you stay and when you come back. They have all your computer details and are making it legal to hack all of your emails, phone calls and text messages, so they know who is against them and who is strolling blindly into their web.

Your driver’s licence has a chip in it, your passport has a chip in it and even your oyster card has a chip in it and already some Americans have volunteered to have a RFID chip inserted under their skin. I watched a YouTube video of some of them swiping their hand over a scanner to get into their office of work, so this isn’t some fantasy on my part. Big Brother is alive and well and controlling every one of us a little more each day.

And the 10 thousand word dissertation I wrote for university was based on George Orwell’s 1984. Everything that man was warning about is happening right here and now. I thought it was an odd coincidence that until recently our prime minister was called Blair, our police chief was called Blair and George Orwell’s real name was Eric Arthur Blair. Anyone believe in omens…

If you want some food for thought, two YouTube videos for you: 1/ The microchip mark of the beast 666. 2/ New world order plans to kill 90% of the world’s population. You will likely spot some of the others concerning the underground bases, the American death camps and the plastic coffins.

Slightly off topic, but I’ve just seen a load of American legal cases and documents which appear to say that the US is still pretty much owned by Britain, and that our king funded both sides during the war of independence. They go on to apparently prove the US treasury has been bankrupt since 1921 and is actually run by the IMF, which in turn is run by the U.N., which is controlled by those dark forces I like to talk about. Britain itself is apparently owned by the Vatican, which I maintain has nothing to do with Christianity (having nicked all of their festivals, Christmas etc from the pagans) and is itself a force for evil.

The names Illuminati and the Bilderburg group pop up time and again, as do the Masons, and Tony Blair is a member of the Bilderburg group (the rich and powerful elite who meet in secret to formulate their plots) as are many of our top politicians including Ken Clarke and I also think it says a lot that Mr Blair converted to Catholicism a few years ago.

Wheels within wheels, a huge web of intrigue and the world really isn’t as we would believe, or more to the point, as they would have us believe. And just when yet another elderly ex German soldier was recently on trial for war crimes and for taking part in the murder of thousands of Jews, the Pope, an ex Nazi himself, pops over for a flag-waving visit and I didn’t see him being put on trial, neither for being a Nazi, nor for helping to cover up untold thousands of child sex abuse cases within his church.

All these people have blood on their hands whichever way you look at it. I’m not sure what it all means or how it all fits together, but like an iceberg, there is much more going on below the surface than what we are allowed to see. Maybe we should all start investigating and questioning and stop being so blind and trusting.

You’ll laugh at this one, Prince Charles and now William are being fingered as the anti-Christ and Obama is also in the running. What stopped me laughing and made me start to wonder is that Charlie’s coat of arms is undeniably covered in satanic symbolism and there are some creepy videos of Obama with his speeches reversed in which he appears to be saying thank you Satan and serve Satan.

If the Vatican has Britain in its pocket, and Britain still has a great big thumb in the pie of America, and Tony Blair the newly baptised Catholic, is a minion of evil and Prince Charles or his son is the beast, it at least makes a good story, even if it is all a bit unbelievable. Perhaps I should write it up like the Davinci Code and make a fortune!

I think I’ve been wrong all these years to pooh-pooh the whole God Devil thing and that the battle between good and evil truly is raging. The thing I’ve never understood is if God is all-powerful and Satan a mere fallen angel, why does God put up with it and not just smite him a mighty smite and have done with it? What do I know. More things in heaven and earth and all that…

As for planet x, it’s in the bible and it’s called Wormwood. Believe what you want to, but don’t believe a word you see in the press, or hear on the news, or one piece of the eternal lies and distortions fed to you by your “leaders” and their puppet media – or the enemies of mankind as I prefer to think of them.

Now you can see why I couldn’t sleep and the above was only a fraction of the stuff whirling around my fevered brain. No wonder I get drunk so often…

If I am mad and all of the above is utter nonsense, it seems there are an awful lot of other people just as mad as I am. I would be hard pressed if asked to pick out one possibility from the many, but we already have economic collapse looming, soaring prices, fuel inflation, mass starvation and civil unrest around the globe and wars being fought in any number of places and I was warning about most of that years ago (told you so).

I hope I’m wrong about all the other stuff, that it’s all fantasy and drivel, but as I said at the start, I believe something evil this way cometh.



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