Howl at the Moon

Apathy and anger, which one is winning
Heart keeps thumping, head keeps spinning

Try to be positive when everything’s wrong
Try to stay calm, but it doesn’t last long

Trapped in a place where nothing is right
Trapped in the dark and screaming for light

In a land of strangers with ways hard to know
Isolation, frustration, continually grow

Try to be nice, but keep filling with rage
Pouring out vitriol, page after page

Temper uncertain, thoughts tinged with madness
Once there was hope, now only sadness

Depression for meat, sorrow for drink
A spirit embittered, how low can it sink

Alone every day, alone every night
Life full of nothing, no friend in sight

A city once loved, now just a jail
Violence like lightning, bullets like hail

Gone all the people once held so dear
Gone cherished freedom, trampled by fear

Yesterday, tomorrow, all come the same
Nothing to lose, but still less to gain

Days only things to survive before bed
Trying and struggling and look where it led

Keep marching on and clinging to hope
Tighten that grip on the end of the rope

Paint on a smile and laugh like a loon
Hope no one hears as you howl at the moon


About tonyjayg

I'm a great bloke. That's all you need to know. ;)
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2 Responses to Howl at the Moon

  1. This has absolutely choked me up Tony. It’s one of your best pieces od poetry to date, and that’s saying something. I can feel your anguish in every word. but remember – you are NOT without friends, ever. You’re not alone, not really. Whether or not you can accept it, your friends love you and care about you so much. Please try and remember that. Even when you’re howling at the moon, we’ll howl along with you. You have so much talent and, even though this piece is so heartbreakinglu sad, it”s nevertheless a thrill to see you putting that talent to such good use. Don’t stop. Please.

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