Hypocrisy, Thy Name be Politician

Nick Clegg is an atheist and anti-faith schools, so naturally he is going to ignore the school around the corner from where he lives and send his kids to the same fee paying Catholic school that Blair sent his kids to. Hypocrite.

He was against increasing tuition fees, signed a pledge not to in fact, but at the first whiff of power, he signed up to treble them. Hypocrite.

Vince cable made himself popular by saying VAT shouldn’t rise because it would hurt the poorest and was against it. First whiff of power, went back on all of it. Hypocrite. Fucking, pox-ridden hypocrite.

Vince Cable was all out in favour of a graduate tax as opposed to the current loans system, now he has about-faced. He was dead set against cutting government spending too fast – he has about-faced.  Hypocrite.

They are changing the contracts of public sector workers and the terms of their pension arrangements (retrospectively), yet said that banker ponce Goodwin could keep his vast payout because it was contractual and they couldn’t do anything about it. Contracts of employment only hold water if you are at the top of the tree and earning millons. For ordinary workers, they aren’t worth the paper they are written on, and they change them or rip them up whenever it suits them. Hypocrites.

They have poured 850 billion pounds into the banks and some figures say the eventual cost to the taxpayer could be between one and one and a half trillion. The national debt is 950 billion and they are explaining it away by blaming it on public pensions and demonizing public sector workers, just as they demonize the unemployed who cost a tiny fraction of what all their rich friends swindle in taxes (who they have created and are set to create many more by selling off the NHS and anything else they can think of), and not on the money they have poured down the banking drain, while the bankers this year are taking seven billion in bonuses.

Nice work if you can get it. Fail outrageously and be handsomely rewarded for it, work hard for peanuts and get kicked in the balls time and time again. Hypocrites, hypocrites, hypocrites.

Labour have announced their shadow cabinet. The man they have made chancellor, Alan Johnson, says he will have to read a book on economics, he has no financial background and little in the way of qualifications. So our economy could end up being run by an ex-postman (no offence to postmen) without so much as a maths A level. Since I wrote this, luckily for us, Johnson’s wife has had a good rogering from her police protection officer and he has quit. Unluckily for us, his job has been taken over by Balls. How fitting.

They have given Dianne Abbott a place in the shadow cabinet, though she received no votes, simply appointing her as a reward for being a token ethnic in the leadership contest that involved no one else but Etonians (which was what that venal bitch was angling for all along). She, like Clegg, of course, preached using your local comp for your kids and then sent all of her kids private and thought no one would notice, the fat, sweaty money-grubbing, self-serving, racist bitch. Madness and hypocrisy.

Back to the public pension cuts, guess who are being exempted from those cuts? Yep, the politicians. While the poorest workers are having their wages frozen, while as many as six hundred thousand people are set to lose their jobs, while people who have planned their lives based on a certain level of pension entitlement have that ripped out from under them, while food prices are soaring and fuel prices are set to increase, the politicians shamelessly protect themselves from any pain whatsoever. And all the PM has to do is one day in the job and he gets 50% of his wages as a pension for life. That’s a pension equivalent to about 15 times the single person’s annual pension for life for doing one day in the job. For fucking life! Hypocrites.

They say pension arrangements for the public sector has left a trillion pound hole in government coffers, but if the banks hadn’t swallowed a trillion pounds, there would be no hole. If we weren’t giving 48 million pounds per day to the mafia of europe, we would be rolling in money and millions of British kids wouldn’t be living in poverty. Scumbag, greedy, hypocrites.

They are going to cut nurses and police and school refurbs and new buildings and hundreds of thousands of jobs and close prisons, yet still send that 48 million pounds per day to Europe and for what? We have a trading deficit with Europe, so we pay our membership money in order to be worse off, chucking good money after bad. Meanwhile, the European parliament voted themselves a lower income tax rate than anyone else pays and have just voted themselves increased allowances. Hypocrites. Evil stinking hypocrites who should all be hung for the psycho scum that they are. And that includes baroness pig-ugly Ashdown who is now the highest paid politician in the world bar none, who has never had one single vote from anyone for anything. Not elected, appointed to rule over us and no way of getting rid of her, or our european president, the nazi.

Our votes count for nothing. Nothing. Let me repeat – NOTHING!

Blair, socialist labour (excuse me while I try to stop laughing and being sick in my own mouth), presided over a government that not only dragged us into two wars, largely all built on lies, but also allowed more children to slip into poverty than since the 1950s, while at the same time the rich have been allowed to take a greater slice of the pie than at any time since the 30s.

In the recession of the 70s, the rich were taking 50% of the wealth, now they are taking over 70% of the wealth. Still think voting for these heartless robbing shits makes a difference? If so, you must be retarded. Wait, retard isn’t used anymore, you must have “learning difficulties”.

Now of course, Blair enriches himself by dealing with dodgy governments and by working for the very banks that have got us all into this mess. If he thought donating the proceeds from his book to charity recently would buy back some of his shredded reputation, I suggest he takes another fucking think, the lowlife, blood-smeared shitbag. And don’t even get me started on how he slapped gagging orders on the press to cover up for paedophiles in high places. That is a rant that deserves its own page.

Camoron says join with me in these painful decisions. Painful to who, the stinking patronising, hypocrite, multi-millionaire toad. His kids aren’t going hungry and being dressed in rags. His kids don’t have to rely on free school meals to ensure they get some food on any given day.

He also says he wants charity to take over in the provision of welfare for the poor. What does that mean? Soup kitchens? Workhouses? What exactly? Actually, since I wrote this, Foodbanks have started opening at the rate of thirty a week and I recently saw a sign that read “Soup Kitchen. If you need a hot meal and some warm clothes (opening times) all welcome”. As for workhouses, give them time, they’ll get around to it I expect.

And while Osbourne bitches about tobacco smuggling costing the country a billion a year in tax, that crooked bilderberg thief has fiddled around £300 million in tax out of the country himself. And that’s just one bent millionaire crook. Take three of these wankers and they have stolen more than all the smugglers combined.  Before some tit points out that what he and the rest have done is legal, yes it is, but only because they make the laws to suit themselves.

They also decided – although we have one of the lowest corporation taxes in the world already – they were going to reduce it from 28% to 24%. Instantly, Osbourne, Cameron, Phillip Green and all of their rich friends get better off by many more millions at a stroke while the rest of us struggle not to drown and work for these robber barrons for derisory wages, or for free if you are unemployed. Work experience my arse, slavery is what it is. Come to think of it, maybe this is the modern form of the workhouse, stacking shelves with no pay and making share holders that much richer.

Yeah, it’s the benefit cheats that are the cause of all our problems. A billion a year they cost this country and on the governments own figures fraud in the welfare system runs at just .05%. Wait though, Osbourne has robbed almost a third of a billion all on his own. Phillip Green has fiddled at least three times that, with a net worth of around £8 billion, most of which he channeled through his wife’s name in Monaco, thus paying not one brass farthing in tax. Barclays bank this year on billions of profits has paid one percent tax. ONE PERCENT.

The tory cabinet have stolen more money from this country than all the millions of benefit claimants combined, genuine and cheat combined, in fact. WAKE THE FUCK UP. They are wiping their arses on your face and you keep smiling and supporting them. What will it take to make you realise how much of a joke they think you are? What?

Dave talks about the big society. I’ll tell you what that means, shall I? Getting people to do things like look after the elderly, or clean up litter, but for nothing instead of having to pay anyone. They want prospective police officers to work for 18 months for nothing and pay for their own training and already graduates are working for nothing “to gain experience”. These things are slavery by another name, make no mistake. The same crap is going on in America as well, so it’s not just Brits that the NWO are driving into poverty and servitude,

Hypocrites, thieves, crooks, liars, cheats, robbers, and still millions of dopey bastards vote for them. If that describes you, then you are a fool.

Not one of our leaders or prospective leaders has a single principle or moral among them. They are the lowest of the low. They are waging war against the poor and I for one fully hope the poor (of which I am one) rise up and destroy them. If the fire brigade, the nurses, the teachers, or even the police, all go out on strike, they will have my full support.

We need a revolution. As in the past, the only time the rich and political elites bend even slightly, is when the poor march on the rich and put the fear of God into them. I would guillotine the whole sordid bunch of them and drink their blood mixed with champagne to celebrate.

I hate politicians and the never-endingly greedy rich with every cell in my body and those who continue to wave their little flags and support these vile monsters make me want to vomit up my own intestines. Wake up you stupid bloody sheep and take a good sniff at the coffee of reality. They are shitting on you and you are accepting it like mice.

What next? Kids up chimneys? Your kids! Servants being flogged? What will it take before the fog clears from your brain, the scales drop from your eyes and you start seeing these people for what they really are. Your enemy! They are evil and you laying down like doormats makes them laugh long and loud.

WAKE THE FUCK UP. What is being stored up for our children will eventually make them hate us and I for one don’t blame them.

And don’t think for a moment things are going to get better. They haven’t even started getting worse.

And if you think I’m full of shit and don’t know what I’m talking about, come back here in a year or two and see if you think the same. Unless you really are retarded, or one of their rich bilderberg, masonic buddies, there is no way you won’t be telling me I was right all along.




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2 Responses to Hypocrisy, Thy Name be Politician

  1. Heather says:

    Well said. I totally agree with you. I didn’t know about slimeball Blair covering up for paedos though. Nothing surprises me anymore about politicians. They really are the lowest of the low.

  2. tonyjayg says:

    Came across something about Blair covering up while looking at some of the Hollie Greig stuff. Need to have a proper reseach before I shoot my mouth off too much. But there is all kinds of stuff going on at top levels that we aren’t aware of. If you wait for the meedya to print or broadcast any truth, hell will have frozen over.

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