A lot of people are disgusted with the students, at their behaviour, at their vandalism and their violence. They’ve been burning things, smashing things, daubing things with paint, attacking the police and generally being very un-British. And if all that wasn’t bad enough, they not only tried to burn the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree, but sacrilege of sacrileges, they even defaced the statue of our most admired politician and war hero, Sir Winston Churchill. They should all be flogged to within and inch of their life, right? Right, except, is it right?


Let me pose a few questions. The students are getting the blame for all this, but how do we know the people who did all these terrible things even were students? The media tell us they were students, when the police condemn these actions they say they were carried out by a minority of “students” and because it was a student demo, we all assume that it must have been students who were responsible. But was it really?


Let’s look at some of the people who certainly were on that march and have a guess at some others who may well have been. First, we have our old friends the UAF, united against fascism, who are paradoxically so fascist themselves they only believe in free speech when it‘s their free speech, on the grounds that their self-righteous opinions are the right ones and that no one else’s counts for diddly squat. We know their track record for causing trouble and violence and for attacking other people who dare to exercise their right to protest. Personally, on a march against radical Islam and sharia law, I had one particular guy following along behind me, ranting hard enough to make me look calm by comparison and shouting at me that I was scum. I didn’t take it too much to heart, though, because if he hadn’t been shouting at me, he was so heavily drugged up, he would have probably been conducting an argument with an invisible rabbit. Besides, I was too busy dodging the missiles his UAF buddies were throwing at us to take much notice.


Then we have Socialist Worker Party agitators, those anti-establishment, anarchist types who have been remarkably silent all the time we had a socialist government pulling shitty stunts (including the minor matter of two illegal wars), who now we have a right-wing coalition government have suddenly found their voices again and, let’s face it, a bit of window smashing and paint daubing is right up their alley.


And then there is – in my none too humble opinion – the very real possibility of agents provocateurs, infiltrators working for the establishment sent to cause as much trouble and mayhem as possible in order to discredit protestors and sideline their arguments – middle England instead clucking their tongues in disgust as those out-of-control students and closing their ears to their genuine complaints.


On Andrew Neil‘s show after question time last night, of all people, Heather Mills McCartney made that very point. She actually said governments around the world have used that same tactic many times and to illustrate, mentioned the highly suspicious goings on at the G20 summit. Before you discount her because she isn’t a popular figure, in relation to Top Shop’s Phillip Greene who dodges paying UK tax by funneling most of his profits through his wife – who lives in Monaco and is therefore tax exempt – she said she knows at least 300 multi-millionaires who do exactly the same thing. Whatever you may think of her, she isn’t daft and being a bit of a loose cannon, I think in this instance, she is speaking nothing but the truth, so her suspicions that the establishment not only wanted all this trouble to undermine the student’s case, but actively took part in it, are well worth listening to.


Between 1993 and 1996, I studied for a degree at South Bank University. I was in a class with around 25 other people and I can tell you that not one of them was the sort of dick that would have taken part in the rioting seen last night. In fact, in my three years, out of South Bank’s fifteen thousand student population, I came across very few who were nothing other than decent people trying to get an education and perhaps have a little fun along the way. Admittedly, there were some who got more fun than education, but equally, there were many who got lots of education and not much fun, as they worked until 2am in a KFC or as a security guard and then struggled not to fall asleep through a two-hour long, 9am lecture, in an overly warm hall.


In fact, the sort of people who would have taken part in last night’s mischief, were indeed members of the Anti-Nazi League, who even managed to cause trouble at the opening day’s fresher fair, where anyone who refused to sign up for their group (which was the vast majority) were subjected to abuse and the accusation that refusing to join must mean that they were racist. By some miracle, a mass fight didn’t break out, but it was touch and go on a number of occasions and if the unwashed little tosser who I told to fuck right off out of my face, hadn’t fucked right off out of my face, I may well have thrown the first punch myself.


Now, if we say, at a guess, those mentioned above made up a quarter of one percent of the students at South Bank (and I think that’s being overly generous by a mile), from fifteen thousand students, that would give you three hundred and seventy-five potential trouble makers and window-smashers. Multiply that by however many universities there are in England and that tiny minority becomes a rather huge mob capable of getting the vast majority a really, really bad name.


Also, think about this, of all the many statues around parliament that could have been defaced, they went for the very one that would cause the most disgust and outrage – good old Winston’s. If this trouble was indeed caused by lefty students and not by government plants, don’t you think a more obvious target for their anger would have been the statue of their all-time nemesis and hate figure Lady Thatcher?


Anyone who still doesn’t believe politicians are sneaky, underhanded, double-dealing, elitist, warmongering, lying, backstabbing slime, walking around in expensive suits, is clearly one of the out-of-touch with reality, easily fooled, brainwashed sheeple who are the blight of my life. I will personally guarantee you that any genuine students who took part in last night’s troubles, were either UAF, SWP, ANL, or those who went for a genuine demonstration, but being a little hot-headed and easily lead, joined in with the destruction because they were too stupid to realise they were being set up.


Oh, and while I have a great deal of time and sympathy with the police lads and lasses, ask yourself this – why is that when a route for the march had been agreed ahead of time and it was proceeding peacefully and in a good-natured manner, did the police then suddenly decide to block the road and begin kettling the crowd, therefore causing many to scarper down side streets and creating confrontation where previously there had been none?


Imagine the phone call: High ranking political aide to high-ranking police officer “It’s all proceeding rather too calmly. We won’t be able to smear them in the press if this carries on. Time to stir the pot.” “Yes sir, I’ll give orders to begin corralling them now and send the horses and riot police in, that should start it kicking off.”


Maybe I’m wrong, but please stop all the knee-jerk reactions, swallowing what you are fed by the media and blaming it all on students because that’s what THEY want you to do. Try seeing past what their poodle media present to you as reality and think for yourself. I promise it doesn’t hurt. I’ve been doing it for years and my head hasn’t exploded yet. The Matrix isn’t just a film, it’s what we are all living in. Some of us just choose not to remain plugged into the establishment’s bullshit machine. What about you?


THINK FOR YOURSELF – they haven’t quite made it a crime … yet!


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  1. Big F**k *ff Gross Knob says:

    So right Tony. That’s one of the beauties of the internet that the fuckers don’t like, it’s to quick for them to employ bullsh*t as a weapon…..

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