It was the best of times and the worst of times – but without the best of times part.

I posted this and similar pieces some time ago, but as VAT goes up, food and
clothing costs rise at record rates; fuel, gas, electric and transport costs all
rise way above inflation – and as today there are reports of food riots in
Algeria and riot police dealing with protestors in France (again), I thought it
was worth re-posting. To anyone who thought I was paranoid when I started
telling them I have been hoarding food and buying wind up lamps, etc, folks,
it’s almost time for me to start the smug I told you sos…
We had riots in Greece over cuts and pension increases, protests in France,
Italy and Spain, weekly marches here against Islam (as there is today to counter
Muslim demonstrators in London ready to chant murderers, etc, all through the
two minute silence) and now students rioting over the trebling of tuition fees.
Ireland is bankrupt in all but name with the people marching on parliament (though in reality their government is now Brussels and the IMF), Portugal not far behind them and trouble brewing in various other places. In Germany many thousands have been protesting against nuclear waste created in the name of profit for big corporations, with 17.000 German and shipped-in foreign police brutalising them but still unable to quell the protest. Have you seen this reported as major as it is? No because the elite controlled media feed you only what they want you to know. I trained as a journalist, trust me, what you are fed is half-truths and downright lies and where neither of those will do, silence.
We’ve got the poor and those on middle incomes being squeezed until their
eyes bleed, those on benefits told they must work or lose their benefits (so an
unemployed nurse, copper or soldier could soon have to collect litter like a
criminal on a community order), though no word on what a person left with no
money would do to feed themselves (or if their children would then be taken into
care to have their lives ruined and probably be passed on to the many paedophiles
lurking among the elites to use as playthings and worse), prices which have
already doubled in the last three or four years set to skyrocket, crime likely
to increase sharply as the poor become desperate and bilderberger Ken Clarke
makes moves to free prisoners, close prisons and cut police numbers, worsening
the problem still further – and all of this caused because the politicians
(following orders from their Zionist NWO masters) have transferred all of the
people’s money to billionaires and bankers to stuff their vaults with.
We have Bush justifying torture, Obama forging closer ties with countries
that use child soldiers and making speeches about embracing globalisation,
mirroring a speech by Cameron who warned the flood of money from west to east
threatens the advance of globalisation. We have a liblabcon one party state, the
totalitarian fascist state of Europe which drains us of up to £100 billion a
year (while they trumpet every day about the one billion cost of benefit cheats
to put all the blame on the poor and not the super rich – though it was ever
thus since the days of the workhouse. Days which are not far off coming back by
the way) and our proud armed services being turned into a joke.
And all of the above, plus mass migration and the destruction of national
borders and identities, and so much more – the pattern being repeated in the US,
Canada … pretty much the whole globe – has and is being done deliberately. The
elites are waging war on the people and now the people are starting to realise
it and fight back. I wish them luck, all of them, from our students to our
striking fire service, from the resistance movements in the States to the
Germans still out in their many thousands peacefully protesting despite the
violence being used to try to break them. They are us and we are them and we
are all fighting the same war and we all have the same enemy – the few who
already control most of the world and its resources, who won’t be satisfied
until they have, own and control it all.
I’m no prophet, but in the coming days ahead, I foresee increasing deprivation, hunger, food and power shortages, increasing homelessness, civil unrest, riots and bloodshed, along with an ever heavier hand used by governments against the people they are supposed to serve. Anyone who still believes the politicians work in their best interests or give a flying shit about them, their loved ones or their problems, really should go for a drugs test and a brain scan – to see if they actually have one and not just an empty space behind their glassy eyes.
I also believe that martial law and a suspension of the democratic process is
just around the corner and that a major world event (nuke, man-made epidemic,
giant volcano set off by HAARP, solar flare, etc, take your pick) will be used
to further their ends. If there is a nuclear strike, or a major terrorist attack
any day now – or two or three – it will have fuck all to do with Bin Laden and a
few nutters with exploding shit strapped to their backs and everything to do
with your own leaders and the plans of the bilderbergers, Zionists, masons
(Blair 33rd degree Mason, Brown 33rd degree Mason, Mandelson 33rd degree Mason, Sadam 33rd degree Mason – except he went rogue, stopped doing as he was told and had to be done away with), global corporations, church of Rome, illuminati and all the other secret societies tied up in this tangled web of evil.
The end game is a one world government, a one world religion, a one world
military for use against the slave computer-chipped population (after they have
reduced that population by 90% of course) and a one world corporation to sit as
emperors surveying their domain and their New World Order and congratulating
themselves that a plan that has been ongoing for centuries has finally reached a
satisfactory conclusion.
I only hope that rumblings of discontent by the military and ex-military turns into a rebellion and that, when the time comes, they – along with the police service – will not turn their force upon the people but upon the elites who use them as pawns and cannon fodder to further their plans and make themselves rich out of death and misery, as they have always done. I hope those elites are crushed and swept away once and for all and that a better world is left behind. And, God forgive me, I hope they suffer in the same way that they have made millions of others suffer.
As a footnote, in the last year we’ve had animals dropping dead all over the world, massive flooding in Australia, rivers turning fluorescent green for no apparent reason, earthquakes coming thick and fast, forest fires in Russia and Israel, tsunamis, a gigantic oil spill, warnings that the gulf stream is slowing down, a record cold winter … I’m sure you could add much more to this happy little list … so what part of end times prophecies aren’t coming true?

Brazil floods and mudslides leave thousands displaced


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