What’s in a Word?

Warning, OUTRAGEOUS is a series of filth, swearing, insanity and gross images. The easily offended (and not so easily) and anyone under about 35 should stop reading right now!


If this little essay doesn’t offend anyone, I will be very surprised indeed. If you’re sensitive to bad words, I suggest you go no further…

Kike. Is that offensive? What about spic, dago or wog? Does negroid or negro make your hackles rise, or is it only nigger that upsets you? If nigger is so offensive, should I take you to court for calling me Caucasian and hold out for as much compensation as possible on the grounds that three fucking hundred years ago my greatgreatgreatgreat grandfather was enslaved by some bastard of a slightly different colour?

It’s ok, apparently, for a black gay man to call another black gay man nigger queer, but those same words turn into offensive weapons if tripping off the tongue of a honky straight man. (Try as I might, I couldn’t come up with an offensive term for “straight”, and I’m not daft enough to say “normal” or there would be a mob of guys in pink cravats outside waiting for me with pitchforks and a rope).

How about Jew? That one’s a little awkward because Jew or Jews is a perfectly legitimate way to describe people unless, of course, you make the mistake of putting another word in front of it, like, say “filthy”. Got the same problem with “Arab” and “dirty“. They don’t mix either. Gypsy, more or less ok, but gypo, dear me, mustn’t say that, not even if they just parked their caravan in your garden, pushed shit through your letterbox and stole all the lead of the church roof. Not that I want to stereotype anyone, of course. Besides, my mum was a gypo. Woe betide you if you called her that, though, she was proud of her Irish Romany status and would rip into you for such a dreadful insult – while herself considering other gypsies no more than tinkers and didicoys and seeing no double standard in her contempt for them whatsoever.

How about if I told you kike is just the way Prince Charles pronounces cake? Would you still shudder? Has the word become inoffensive because you now realise you were getting upset over nothing or because you’re a twat for getting upset over a combination of letters – otherwise known as a word – in the first place? Is wog any more acceptable if you say western oriental gentleman instead?

And how dare you as a white person constantly hearing black men saying to other black men “how’s it hanging nigger” or singing it over and over again in rap battles, have the racist insensitivity to think it’s ok for you to say that word, even in jest, without being vilified as a bigot and taken to court for racial hatred. Look at the poor girl they chucked out of the Big Brother house for using the “N” word. Little posh girl with no street smarts tried to be one of the gang and they hung her out to dry like she was a member of the KKK and all because that rancid, self-promoting black girl, deliberately made a big issue of it to make herself just that little bit more famous. Before I became reconstructed by the language Nazis, I would likely have said she’s a horrible nigger bitch who deserves a good slap round the head, but of course, would never contemplate saying such a thing now. Heaven forbid.

Why am I asking this question anyway? Well, yesterday the Canadians, or the tossers that make decisions in Canada (as they do here and around the world) decided they would ban the song: “Money For Nothing” by Dire Straights from their airwaves because it contains the word “faggot”. “Faggot” a piece of wood you burn on a fire – fine. “Faggot“, a meatball in savoury gravy produced by McCains, found in supermarket freezers – no problem. “Faggot“ meaning homosexual, however, that word must be stopped! How very dare you put those six letters in that order and then say them out loud! Likewise, Gay – happy, bright, cheerful – not offensive. Gay – homosexual – not offensive. Gay – it’s crooked, bent, gone wrong, doesn’t work properly – offensive. It’s a bloody minefield having to constantly self-censor, particularly when a word is ok one minute and a hate crime the next. It’s enough to give your arse a headache.

Being a new song only 26 years old, of course, Money For Nothing, took them by surprise and caused shock and consternation that required immediate censorship. I’m guessing “Come On Eileen” will go next and I’m actually horrified that they’re more than 20 years behind the BBC by not banning “I Want Your Sex“. Very tardy work there by the Canadian thought police. You can bet your life they don’t know who the fuck Alice is, either, and haven‘t noticed that Elvis Costello sings about one less white nigger. Or is that ok because it’s a white nigger and not a black nigger? Now even I’m getting confused with what is and isn’t acceptable to Big Nanny.

As for the Jade/Shilpa Shepi incident, I would have called that stuck up, patronising bitch a lot worse things than poor old Jade did. And why was it ok for her to label Jade’s mum as white trailer trash? No outcry over that, or when she was slagging the British off as all being ignorant drunks, was there. How dare she. We’re not all ignorant…

If I’m honest, it makes me ashamed being as white as a sheet of A4 to even think that one of my own would say words that other people might find hurtful, even if they do then rub their hands together in glee and get several thousand pounds to heal their wounds whether any actual offence was intended or not.

A friend of mine tells me about an Asian bloke in her office, who having already made a couple of complaints and had his emotional injuries repaired with cash money, freely and openly laughs about it and tells everyone he is just waiting for “the big one”.

People are far less offensive with their words now than they have ever been, constant nagging and the threat of court action has seen to that, but the PC mob have created a system where many minorities are searching for offence anywhere they can find it because it is highly lucrative.

It’s a wonder there aren’t adverts on the TV by claims direct. “Have you been called a paki bastard, have you overheard a work colleague in the toilets saying “fucking immigrants“, has your employer refused to let you pray to Allah five times a day during working hours, then we can help. No win, no fee, maximise your boo hoo the man said a bad word profits with claims direct.” (Please note French and German people are excluded from hurt feelings compensation under section three of the contradictory rules applying to frogs and sausage-noshing Nazis act 1979. Welsh/New Zealand sheep shaggers and whinging poms also need not apply as this is regarded as fair comment).

Or perhaps we could have a who’s been offended this week lottery on the beeb every Saturday night. “And the first ball out of Arthur this week is: have you been asked to take your turban off. And here’s number two : Your headmaster won’t let you teach with your veil on. … This weeks bonus ball is: as a black lesbian drug addict you’ve been turned down for adoption. And now for those lucky balls again, but in ascending order of cha ching!

If the thought police are allowed to remove offensive words from people’s vocabulary, it will only be a matter of time before they are using the tippex on other words, like liberty, or freedom, or justice. In “1984” Orwell said Big Brother’s aim was to reduce language until only Right-Think was possible. How can you fight for justice, after all, if justice is no longer a word let alone a concept. Dumbing down is what they call Right-Think now, just as Double-Think is spin. Crime may be down, but as it has quadrupled over the last twenty years, down from what exactly? The British people voted for a coalition government, apparently. Funny that, because I don’t remember seeing “coalition” on the ballot paper. The British people (being sheeple for the most part) voted Tory or labour or maybe even green, so they got lumbered with a coalition, but they most certainly didn’t choose it like it was the best option, as the spinning bastards try to make us believe.

It has been said that the right to cause offence is far more important than the right not to be offended. Fact is, no matter what you say, someone somewhere will be offended. So what are we supposed to do, take a vow of silence and never say anything?

Personally, I have even met a fair few people who are offended by the mere fact that I have opinions on anything at all. Because all they think about is the footie on Saturday, what’s for dinner, or the new shoes they are about to buy to add to their collection of twenty seven pairs, they make remarks like “what do you know about it” or “why do you go on about that stuff, can’t do nuffin about it”.

Well, as someone once said (some frog geezer if I remember correctly), I may not like what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. So if you feel like calling me a miserable, grumpy, fat, old, white bastard, you go right ahead. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Put your hands on me, however, and expect to lose some teeth, arsehole*.

All this can’t use certain words, cultural sensitivity, diversity, horse shit, is nothing to do with social cohesion and harmony and everything to do with mind control and the destruction of our national identity.

We’ve all seen the story of the muslim couple who took B and B owners to court for daring to voice their belief in Christianity – poor little darlings being hurt and offended and requiring money to make them feel better. Well here’s a couple of tales that come firmly under the heading, you must be joking. A karaoke singer was arrested after a complaint was made against him by a Chinese couple who were offended because they heard him singing “everybody was kung fu fighting” (he was released without charge for once) and today I heard one that takes the fucking biscuit. A Scottish guy was arrested and imprisoned for two days after two muslims complained he had revved his car engine in a racist manner. I kid you not. This was discussed on Radio 2, so if you think I’m making it up, go to listen again.

If you are British, you now can’t pick your own nose in case you are accused of something and will be presumed guilty simply because of the complaint being made in the first place. During the discussion today on Radio 2, it was said that a crime will now be considered a racist crime if the victim believes it was. Therefore, if an ethnic minority hits me over the head with a bottle, it will henceforth be considered a lesser crime than if I hit him over the head with a bottle and my punishment will be higher to reflect the “hate content”. And that, my friends, is what the British legal system now calls justice.

I’ve strayed from the subject of offensive words, but these are all symptoms of the same brainwashing bullshit and I for one am not going to have my mind or my beliefs dictated to me by a bunch of arseholes.*

*Arsehole – though now used twice – IS considered offensive, but is allowable as it can apply to anyone and doesn’t discriminate against any particular gender, sexuality or ethnicity. Anyway, all of our MPs and Judges are arseholes and under British law, I am free to call them that because mere low abuse is not considered libellous. So fuck ’em.

And here’s a man unafraid of offensive words:





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6 Responses to What’s in a Word?

  1. Avril says:

    To bloody right, my friend.
    Maybe we should all learn sign language.

  2. hctroubador says:

    Well done! It you offend everyone then you know you’re doing it right!

  3. Aunt says:

    Kike, mmmmm. Masturbating time

  4. Xretov says:

    “Sticks and stones will break your bone, but names will never hurt you”
    Don’t blame me. Old English saying.

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