Brain Training for the Terminally Gullible

Let’s take a look at how words and ideas are twisted and bent out of shape in order to make us all conform. That’s not to say conform with beliefs and attitudes that “they” consider true and in the best interests of the majority, but conform with what allows “them” to get away with daylight robbery and moida.

Mass immigration is destroying the social fabric of our country, places an unbearable strain on public services, drains taxpayer’s money and ghettoises entire regions, creating  tinder boxes of mistrust and racial tensions. This, plus “positive discrimination” giving priority for jobs and housing to recent arrivals, causes the indigenous population to feel unfairly treated, as well as marginalised and disenfranchised, as they see their national identity undermined and disparaged, leading to a growing sense of injustice and driving an otherwise tolerant people towards a more hard-line nationalistic outlook – becomes…

We need skilled labour for the sake of our economy. Immigrants do the jobs the lazy English (British, Americans, Australians, New Zealanders) don’t want, contribute to growth and create a diverse multi-cultural modern society. Instead of clinging to an outdated past, little Englanders should embrace and celebrate diversity and turn away from their innate racism and religious intolerance.

So “right-think” according to “them”, is that our culture and institutions are an insult to those of other religions and ethnicities and while we should suppress those in order to avoid giving offence (Muslim women only days at the library, Christmas out winter festival in and a big fuss for Dewali to promote cultural understanding, etc, etc), at the same time we should respect all other cultures, even where those cultures or parts of those cultures are barbaric and uncivilized and deserve nothing but disgust and contempt.

The reality, once you chuck aside all the politically correct mind-controlling bollocks, is that mass immigration undercuts the pay and conditions of those already here (including previous immigrants and their offspring), supplies big business with a pool of cheap, pliable labour (people who have come from a place where they are lucky to earn £100 a month thinking they’re in clover earning £250 a week), destroys national borders and identities – making it easier for the one world government brigade to forge ahead with their plans – and far from promoting the social cohesion they are so fond of ramming down our throats, actually destroys it; divide and conquer being a tool they have used so successfully throughout history.

They also don’t explain the paradox of why it is perfectly acceptable to describe my people as lazy little Englanders, yet if we have the audacity to speak out against sharia law, or complain about the fact that around 90% of all new jobs created in this country since 1997 have gone to foreign nationals, it is equally ok to label us all as racists and fascists, effectively silencing genuine concerns and open debate for fear of being tarred and feathered as an intolerant hate-monger.

What about the rich poor divide, a divide which since the 1970s has seen the share of the national wealth taken by those at the top grow from just over 50%, to above 70%. Does that sound fair to you as you struggle to pay your fuel bills and put food on the table? What makes this far worse, is that in 1970 the 50% left was shared between 55 million people. Now, however, the 30% they allow to dribble down to the rest of us out of the goodness of their greed-driven hearts of stone, is being shared between 60 million people. Well, that’s not including the uncounted illegal immigrants, which adds another million (or two, take your best guess) mouths to feed from the same meagre pot.

And how is this presented to us? Well, bankers are good for the economy and if they are not given mega bonuses, they will go elsewhere, which would be catastrophic. Top business people are wealth creators and have to be incentivized with competitive salaries and perks, or they will take their talents abroad, heaven forbid. Premiership footballers are paid more in a month than a nurse will earn in 25 years because of market forces – if you want the excitement of a goal every now and then, you have to pay top dollar for it. And though bankers are taking all the blame for the collapse, you have to remember they were the victims of a world recession.

On the other hand, we must stop these greedy unions holding the country to ransom. This is a time of austerity and belts must be tightened. Well, unless your name is something like Fred Goodwin, or Wayne (monkey face) Rooney, of course, who clearly contribute more to the nation than say, a midwife, a mental health worker, or a dustman, who all have to understand there is a world recession and that pay freezes and job losses are inevitable.

The fact that while those at the bottom who are least able to absorb it, are suffering pay cuts and freezes, top earners in the public sector have seen their wages increase by over 30% in two years, the same time it has taken for CEOs remuneration to inflate by over 50%, is apparently besides the point. As for pensioners freezing to death because they can’t afford heating, let’s face it, they don’t add much value and while luxury yachts are free of VAT allowing the rich to avoid their responsibilities as usual, what’s the point of wasting money on hospices? People only go there to die, after all, and where’s the profit in that? Come on, get real. The cost benefit analysis speaks for itself.

Still, Osbourne has got tough. The bankers have been hit with a painful and unexpected levy and are all howling with outrage and pain. We can rest assured the government tells them what to do and not the other way around and their greed will not be tolerated without retribution. Actually, the eight hundred million in question isn’t a piss in the ocean, not a spit in the ocean, it’s barely a dewdrop falling from the end of an Eskimos’ nose in the ocean, of all the money that has been poured into the banks.

In my opinion, the bankers knew full well this “unexpected” levy was coming, had been instructed in advance to make angry, hurt noises (as though this was an enormous body blow) in order to placate the people, and now they all believe they can carry on with their trough snorkelling exploits without us noticing. Same trick they have played on us with a few sacrificial lamb MPs, who having been brought before the courts and punished, is supposed to persuade us that parliament is now clean and not the cesspit of venality (venal – able to be bribed and corrupted) and deceit that it actually is. I’ll bet you a florin or even a guinea, that as soon as their soft sentences have been served, they will emerge to nice well paid jobs elsewhere, very likely turning up as presenters on TV, just like so many other failed, voted out or just plain crooked, ex-MPs have.

As for the banks being squeezed, considering they are cutting corporation tax from 28% to 24% and also making profits made from overseas tax exempt, it seems they are immediately being handed a rebate that will make up for their added contribution and probably a thousand times over. Not that the fact the Tories are largely funded by money from the city has any bearing on their decisions, of course, they are all far too moral and honest to even think such a thing. That’s if you’ve just fallen out of a speeding car and hit your head on a concrete post, anyway.

Funny how for all these years the free market and market forces has been trumpeted as the arbiter of which companies or services are fit to survive – taxpayers money not being thrown at them to keep them afloat and hang the job losses. Yet the banks get in trouble and instead of allowing the weak to fail and the strong to survive, they pump our money into them to shore them up and cut our services, raise our taxes and freeze our wages in order to pay for it.

Just as they have done since time immemorial, the rich elites continue to feather their nests until they have tog ratings outstripping the heat of the sun, while they leave the rest of us to financially desiccate like Peking ducks swinging in the drying winds of poverty. To put it in less flowery terms, the greedy cunts are taking the fucking piss and they couldn’t give a rat’s arse how much the rest of us are made to suffer in the process.

The only difference between the robber barons of old and these modern-day gold hoarding bastards, is that now they turn up to empty your pockets and your bellies driving cars of many horsepower and not on horseback, wearing Armani suits, instead of armour.

And of course, these days they are much better at spinning the shit out of everything to make you go along with it all and have many more outlets for doing so, like the BBC propaganda machine and the elite owned press. They are inside your heads tampering with your thoughts for many hours each day and most of the time, you aren’t even aware it’s happening. So train your brain to take every word that they say and pull it into a dozen pieces and what you will discover is that they are all lies wrapped in candy, presented to you with a soothing backing track of bullshit.

Refuse to think the way they nudge, pressure and cajole you into thinking, think for yourself. Even if you’re wrong, it’s unlikely you’ll be as wrong as the snake oil they sell you by the gallon. I promise you critical thinking doesn’t wear your brain out any quicker and also won’t affect its warrantee should you need to return it to the manufacturer.

They say that a lie repeated often enough becomes accepted as the truth, not that it becomes the truth. They rely on you being a passive sponge soaking up their lies until they have twisted your reality to suit themselves. Well I’m nobody’s fucking sponge, least of all this LimpCon government that nobody in their right mind would or did vote for. What about you?




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3 Responses to Brain Training for the Terminally Gullible

  1. Heather says:

    Hear, hear. Very good post Tony

  2. Dioclese says:

    I offered Osbourne the solution to bankers, but so far he has not taken me up on it!


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