Don’t Believe a Word

The British and French today made a joint statement regarding Libya. So, the Americans take a back seat in this one, Britain and France lead the way and when the aircraft carrier we are building ends up carrying French planes because we haven’t got any left, another step towards a Euro force is taken. MPs were given a vote on taking this action and voted yes on the understanding that it was only being taken to protect innocent civilians and had nothing to do with regime change. Now, despite all past denials, regime change has become the stated aim, but MPs are not being called back to be given another vote. So once again, we are bombing and killing all based on lies, lies and more lies. As the man said, believe nothing to be true until it has been strenuously denied. Blair is a war criminal and now Cameron and Clegg are also war criminals. That the past American administration and the current one are all war criminals goes without saying. Let’s all pray for a future where someone hangs the bastard lot of them – as well as the people behind the scenes who actually give the orders, like Rothschild, Rockefeller and the rest of the masonic, Bilderberg, devil-worshipping Nazis, Kenneth pushes-tobacco-to-African-children Clarke included.

Unemployment has fallen, but the number claiming jobseekers has gone up. Seems impossible for it to go up and down at the same time, but as immigrants are allowed to continue pouring into the country to sign on and claim what they have contributed nothing towards (while Cameron pretends concern over the levels of immigration – while cutting five thousand jobs from the border agency – and does nothing about radical Islamists leaching off us all, the shiny faced areshole) it should be no surprise. We have no jobs, many millions are unemployed, social housing budgets have been cut by 60%, ex soldiers are sleeping rough, people are living with parents until the age of forty because they can’t afford to buy a house, the health service is creaking at the seams – particularly maternity where new migrants pump out 6/7/8 kids to our one – and government funding is swallowed by immigrant support groups that number in their thousands (not to mention interpreting services because they can’t or won’t learn our language). Add that to the 48 million a day thrown into the EU money pit, the many billions given in foreign aid (often to our enemies like Pakistan) and support for failing economies, the trillion stolen by crooked bankers, 40-odd thousand people now living back in Warsaw still being paid child allowance (oh yes, no end to the people taking the piss out of us Brits) plus tens of billions spent on bombs and bullets and ask yourself why we have any deficit at all when we should have a massive surplus. A deficit, I might add, they blame on too much money being spent on services and benefits, which they are now cutting to the bone, and millions of you retards nod your heads and believe them. If that wasn’t so pathetic, it would be funny. And who is paying for it all? The poorest and the most hard-working, that’s who, the same people who will suffer most from losing the services they are paying twice as much for and not getting. As for ever getting our money back from Ireland, dream on, their credit rating has just been reduced to near junk level and you can also forget getting anything back from Portugal. How can they ever earn the money to repay us when half their population is now living in South London?

Inflation also unexpectedly fell, mainly due to big falls in the prices of bread and fruit, apparently. If that’s the case, how come the small french stick I buy is twice the price it was a year ago and a second mortgage is needed to buy a bunch of grapes or a punnet of strawberries? A fall in inflation my boney white arse.

Global warming is destroying the planet, but scientists say all the thousands of dead fish washing up all over the planet and the 40% reduction in the ozone layer in the last twelve months, are both due to the unusually cold winter. Odd that. The planet is warming, but somehow freezing cold-blooded fish unto death at the same time. Scientists – with very eminent and notable exceptions – won’t tell you the truth that global warming has nothing to do with man because they don’t want to lose jobs or research funding and are being heavily leaned on to keep their mouths firmly shut. Al an inconvenient truth Gore, owns one of the largest carbon trading companies on the planet which rakes him in billions. Go figure. An inconvenient fucking liar is what that prick is and if you believe his horse shit you are an even bigger prick.

And what’s the common theme running through all this? It’s all double-think bollocks and every word out of their traitorous, NWO lackey mouths, are all a pack of fucking lies. And if you reading this can’t get that into your head, you are just the kind of slave-minded idiot they rely on to get away with their criminal actions. You deserve all you get, but the rest of us with more than two brain cells don’t. Wake up for fuck’s sake. How many times do I need to say that before you people stop chewing the cud, lift your head up and take a look at reality? It’s not pretty, but it’s better than being a moronic sheep ignorantly waiting to be slaughtered. And slaughter is exactly what they are planning. Hell, it’s already happening all over the world. Even the World Wildlife Fund is murdering local populations under the disguise of shooting poachers. All the evidence is out there. Why not switch off Eastenders and go look for it. If you like horror stories, you will be in for a treat.


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2 Responses to Don’t Believe a Word

  1. Dioclese says:

    Agree with every word. Seems Orwell got it right, but his timing was a bit out!

    • tonyjayg says:

      Orwell actually wrote 1984 in 1948 and just reversed the last two digits to represent a possible future. That said, the book says that right-think (largely by the removal of words from the language – how can you foment rebellion if there is no such word or concept) would be complete within fifty years. That would make his prophecy (though not actually meant as such) to be right on track and give it until 2034 to be shown as true. The way things are going, anyone still surviving will be computer chipped slaves by then, or I’m no judge. Personally, I believe the world as we know it will end long before then.

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