Bin Laden Dead! Really? I Mean Really?

Ding dong the witch is dead, the Bin Laden witch is dead, the Bin Laden witch is dead…

The above is a play on the wizard of oz, which is, of course, another completely fabricated, fictitious, made up, fantastical, make-believe, fairy tale. They buried him within 24 hours because that’s Islamic custom – like the American administration would give a rat’s arse for Islamic custom and wouldn‘t – had this really been Bin – paraded his corpse for the whole world to spit at and then dissected it into all of its component parts and stored them in old jam jars.

I suppose immediately throwing the body into the sea where no one can ever find it again, or test it, or prove it was actually the body of some random (and extremely unlucky) looky-likey is also an Islamic custom? In my local dialect, this comes under the heading of WHAT A LOT OF BOLLOCKS.

So who would believe such an obvious scam? Well, they say there’s one born every minute and you only have to look at the people out cheering and celebrating to see how true that is. Sadly, those same one-born-every-minuters will very likely now vote Obama into another term in office, which, it goes without saying, is why the pretend Bin Laden has met his maker and is now sleeping with the fishes. If that corpse really was Bin Laden (who has actually been dead for years and even his own son thinks so), then I guess Obama’s birth certificate is genuine as well…


Mind you, Tony Blair and David Cameron both say it’s true and we all know they would never tell a lie…

For those into the satanic numerology the masonic/bilderberg/paedophile/illuminati/Zionist/devil-worshipping conspirators are so fond of, did you notice whoever this Osama doppelganger was died on the 1st in year 11? 111. This is how one researcher describes the number 111. “111 is related to 666, there is 111 legions of 666 henchmen in hell.”

For your amusement, given that many claim Obama is the anti-christ, I present:

And surprise, surprise, Benazir Bhuto was indeed assassinated. Knew too much, talked too much, died. Par for the course.

By the way, am I the only one who has noticed you only have to move two letters for the following anagram?

Osama Bin Laden

Obama Sin Laden


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4 Responses to Bin Laden Dead! Really? I Mean Really?

  1. I35 says:

    Its really sad to see people celebrating the death of Bin Laden or any one. Bin Laden Probably got what he had coming to him ( karma is a bitch). He supposely killed thousands of innocent people. Where’s the proof that he was responsible for 911. The main stream media got the American people brain washed. Obama, Bush, Cheney and all of these self righteous Bastards are no better than Bin Laden. How many innocent peoples death are the responsible for? I don’t hear them talking about that on FOX. The American people need to quit taking what’s reported on the news on face value. Our government isn’t innocent.

    • tonyjayg says:

      I35. I have this theory. If you believe the exact opposite of what our leaders tell us, I figure you are guaranteed to be right far more often than not. As for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rote-schild (Rothchild), Kissinger and all the rest of those evil bastards, if it wasn’t them who had the twin towers demolished so they could start their never-ending war on terror, then I’m a dutchman. And you’re right, the news doesn’t make much of an issue of all the hundreds of thousands of inncocent people the west has blown to smithereens. Blair and Obama have both won awards for peace and if that isn’t the worst case of double-think I ever saw, I’m a dutchman twice over.

  2. Gerwaine says:

    Great food for thought,more power to your ticker mate!

    • tonyjayg says:

      Cheers Gerwaine. I might not always be right, but I question everything. I have no choice but to live in this matrix they have created, but at least I can pull the little plug out of the back of my neck and think for myself… 🙂

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