David Cameron – or oily, bilderberg, NWO lackey, scum-sucking, elitist, heartless, gutless, lying piece of rotting crap, as I affectionately know him – pledges that no part of the NHS will be sold off unless it will benefit patients.  In other words, parts of the NHS – the bits that are profitable – will be sold off, but under the pretence that it will benefit patients. The current outcry just means his rich paymasters will have to wait a bit longer to get their greedy hooks into our health service.

Only if it will benefit patients, he says. Yeah, right. Remember when they told us privatising all of the utility companies, along with British Rail, would create competition and be good for the consumer? Have you looked at your bills recently and turned grey, been scared to put the washing machine on, sat in the cold, or taken out a fucking mortgage to go a few miles on a train?

Have you seen your tax come down as the private train companies pay their own way? Don’t be silly, we subsidise the railways far more now than we did in the days of BR, only now your tax money goes into the pockets of the rich owners and share holders, while us the consumers are shafted left right and centre.

Following on from other power companies, Scottish power has just announced electricity and gas prices are going up by 19%. That’s a fifth! The lie is that inflation is 5%. Funny that when everything is going up by 15/20/30% or more. I bought a bag of carrots two weeks ago, fifty pence. I bought them last week, seventy-five pence. That’s five percent inflation but with a zero missing off it – 50% – and that’s in a single week and only on one item.

Just to add insult to injury, you also fund Offwat, Offgen – Offthis, Offthat, Off-the-fucking-other, so their executives can take fabulous salaries for doing precisely nothing whatsoever to protect you from the profiteering of the companies they are supposed to keep in check. This power company announces a 19% increase, Offgen executives swing into action and go for a six course lunch at your expense, accompanied by a nice bottle of riocca. What are the quangoes paid for? What do they do all day long? ZERO that’s what!!

This one-party state government also kept banging on about immigration caps. Any idea how many people will be kept out by their cap when hundreds of thousands are pouring in every year? Less than two thousand. Not even one percent of the flood will be stemmed, but if they keep saying immigration cap often enough they create the false idea that they are actually doing something, which they aren’t. Hell, they have just given an amnesty to over 200 thousand asylum seekers and illegals and lost track of 80 thousand others, so stopping 2000 a year it will take around 150 years to make up for that alone.

Now they’ve started talking about combatting extremist Islamists. Their idea is that if a university professor or doctor overhears something suspicious, they should report it. That should really help, for fuck’s sake. If they were serious, I could suggest a few things they could do. First, they could stop all the hate preachers in islamic schools and mosques, who have been repeatedly caught on camera spewing hatred and murder (most notably by Dispatches), but they won’t. They have had years to tackle the problem, but what have they done, nothing. And they won’t.

Second, they could arrest the muslim nutters who parade through our streets calling for beheadings and bombings, spitting at our troops and calling them murderers, burning our flags and poppies, spewing racist abuse at jews, along with their contention that all homosexuals should be killed, and lock them up or throw them out. But they won’t. They’ve had years to do it and have done nothing.

Third, and here’s a radical idea, they could STOP LETTING THEM COME HERE! But they won’t. They will do nothing.

What they will do, as they always do, is announce initiatives and go on talking and talking and talking and talking about them until all the sheep out their believe they are doing something. They are not. They don’t give a rat’s shit about you.

Every minister in every interview, in every TV soundbite, will repeat the lie over and over, using exactly the same words, taken from the same script, because as someone once said, a lie repeated often enough becomes accepted as the truth.  They have their own plans, and that’s to follow orders and help to usher in the New World Order, and you and your needs are not of any interest. Far from it. They are waging war on you. They are waging war on all of us.

They won’t sell off the NHS – LIES.

They are stemming the tide of immigration – LIES.

Crime has fallen – LIES.

Privatising utility companies was good for consumers – LIES.

They are going to combat islamic militants – LIES.

Various promises of an EU referendum, including Cameron’s cast iron guarantee – LIES. (Now he personally guarantees the NHS won’t be sold off to private profiteers – can anyone be stupid enough to believe him this time? Anyone that bloody thick?)

Inflation is running at 5% – LIES.

The banks had to be bailed out – LIES.

We have a deficit because too much was spent on services and non jobs – LIES. (All our money has been given to Rothschild and his banking buddies, frittered away on aid to countries doing better than us, or to the likes of Pakistan – who have then spent it on weapons and not the needy – thrown down the EU drain in billions upon billions and spent on illegal wars. Trillions have gone this way and now they are cutting care for the elderly and disabled. They even spent 400 grand in Afghanistan building a woman only amusement park. Fucking robbing, lying cunts will see our people suffer, children in poverty, mass unemployment, the most vulnerable left uncared for, our libraries closed, while burning wads of money to no good purpose like – well – like they have money to burn.)

They only deal in lies and if you still believe a word that comes out of any of their mouths, you must have just crawled out of the swamp and onto dry land for the first time and are still waiting for a brain to develop. I’d give it another half a million years if I were you and don’t get into debates with any passing plankton – you’ll lose.


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4 Responses to LIES, LIES, DAMNED LIES

  1. Heather says:

    I guess I ought to be speechless at this, but I’m too busy ranting about it all.

  2. Heather says:

    With a deadpan face, Cameron stated on the news the other week that they had learned from history. What exactly? Same old crap from these people.

    • tonyjayg says:

      Learned how to rob everyone blind and do exactly as the super rich tell you, while not giving a shit about the people you are meant to serve…

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