A newspaper dies, but not the lies

Before you all celebrate the death of the news of the world, there is a big problem with all this. Do like I do and look behind news and events and see reality…

The news of the world goes, but in truth, comes back rebranded as the sun on Sunday. Murdoch doesn’t lose a penny (if he puts out the sun on sunday from the sun premises, he’s even saved the rent on the NOTW office) and it’s business as usual, but in the process the megalomaniac arse whitewashes his personal image and the image of his worldwide propaganda machine and goes right on fooling you at every opportunity.

The politicians are using this to get revenge on journalists for having their dirty exspense-fiddling laundry aired in public and turn the tables on the press, making them look like the scummiest bastards on earth instead of themselves. Alistair Campbell, the slimiest, sleaziest, least trustworthy creep going, who made himself by being Tony Blair’s pet liar, said in an interview, now politicians won’t have to live in fear of the press. Well, shithead, if they weren’t all bent and working for Rothschild’s new world order and against the people they are supposed to represent, they wouldn’t need to live in fear of the press. In fact, they should fear the press and that fear should keep them on the straight and narrow. That’s what the press is there for.

Truth is, this scandal has become a great way to limit any possible future investigations and even when caught doing filthy deals, the oily Cameron NWO puppets of this world can cry foul play and that the press are hounding them and like so many people I’ve seen cheering the demise of the News of the World over the last couple of days, you’ll fall for it as usual. Murdoch saw corruption in his organisation and took swift and decisive action to clear it out. In a pig’s ear he did. This is just one more con trick among the many con tricks these people play on us daily.

The press is called the fourth estate and their main role has always been to be a check and balance on the excesses of the state, royalty and the law, but now this scandal has tarnished their reputations (if it’s possible to tarnish them any more than they already are), even those few journalists left who truly try to uncover the truth, will have their hands tied behind their backs.

If you want to see what true investigative journalism should be like, watch Channel 4s Dispatches programme. They attack the big stories and taboo subjects and dig deep, so let’s hope media journalism doesn’t end up as hog tied as the press are now likely to be.

I knew Andy Coulson was screwed when this scandal first broke simply because Cameron came out and said he had his full support and confidence. As soon as any PM says someone has their full support, you know that it won’t be long before they have to resign, get sacked, or face criminal charges, at which point, oily PM camerons will distance themselves and pretend they are surprised and shocked by the corruption when they knew full well all along and are equally or more corrupt themselves.

Cameron says there will now be a full public inquiry lead by a judge. Another waste of millions of taxpayer’s money, in other words. A complete whitewash, cover up, crock of shit like all the many toothless inquiries of the last 15 years, where the corrupt investigate the corrupt – have a good laugh over it while sipping brandy together in their gentleman’s club – and a few scapegoats get hung out to dry only to be rewarded in some way when their sentence is served, usually by becoming a highly paid TV presenter and media personality.

The News of the World being closed is a public relations job and if you fall for it and think anything has got better, you are a mug of the first order. It hasn’t got better, the journalists will still be snakes, but now those snakes will be wary about investigating the much worse snakes who run this country and this planet and if they do, they will likely be accused of some sneaky tactic or other and the public will lose sight of whatever dirt they have unearthed.

Wake up for once in your life and stop listening to the lies and believing the ruling class mean well. They don’t mean well. They mean you nothing but harm and now we won’t even have the watered down press to keep an eye on them. Hacking a dead girl’s phone and the phones of servicemen is way beyond the line and those involved should be utterly ashamed, but what a weapon they have given to the political and business elites to shut them up, when they should be watching their every underhanded move and stripping them bare.

Do you think Murdoch is losing sleep or money over closing the News of the World? Don’t be stupid. He’s rebranding as the sun on Sunday and all the muppets who buy the Sun monday to saturday will likely earn him more money as the circulation goes up and meanwhile, the politicians will escape scrutiny, which is exactly what both of them want.

I don’t know how much more bullshit people will swallow before they have their Homer Simpson D’oH moment and fall in, but I hope it isn’t much longer or we are all screwed. Even more screwed than we are now.


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3 Responses to A newspaper dies, but not the lies

  1. Dioclese says:

    I find it hard to disagree with a single word you say, Tony!

    See my comment yesterday at http://dioclese.blogspot.com/2011/07/news-of-screws.html

    The News of the Screws is dead, Long live the Sun on Sunday! What a farce…

  2. I think you are right on the mark Tony.
    If my info is correct, Rupert Murdoch was first visitor to Downing St after B’Liar won the election. Says it all really.
    The Telegraph and excellent investigative journalism would be a target for the MP’s vendetta though? They are the ones who unearthed the massive corruption.

    • tonyjayg says:

      What you say is true about the telegraph, but this NOTW scandal will smear all of the press. Not all MPs were fiddling, but most of us think they were. Throw mud at one and the rest get splattered as well…

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