Inflation 5% … In Which Parallel Universe?

My little shopping basket beginning of 2010 to present…

(All own brand, mostly white label value range)

Small chicken: £2.99 – £4

I00grms Sainsbury full roast coffee: 89p – £1.20

Small French stick: 20p – 49p

Indigestion tablets £1.29 – £2

Cooking bacon 670grms: £1 – £1.33

200grms peanuts: 28p – 48p

Litre orange juice: 42p – 69p

500grms mince: 89p – £1.20

6 loo rolls: £1.40 – £2

Totals: £9.36 – £14.39. That’s an increase of nearly 54% in 20 months. As for pork, beef, lamb, or a nice bit of ham – and not that watery packet shit – no good asking me, I can’t even afford to look at two lamb chops let alone buy any.

Not only are the politicians telling us we are at just over 5% inflation (a blatant fabrication), I heard one of the gobshites say the other day that pensioners will do quite well this year as their rise is linked to inflation. Well, if food is going up by around 30% every 12 months, a 5% increase isn’t worth a light, especially when you add in 10/15% increases in gas and electricity prices.

And now they want to shift the goalposts and base future rises in benefits on average inflation instead of the rate as at September, so they can save a billion pounds – to give away to foreign countries and the IMF while British old people freeze or starve this winter.

No wonder a recent report has found the most shop-lifted items are now cheese and packets of cooked meat. A block of cathedral city cheddar (cheaper versions available) is now six quid. Six fucking quid for a square of cheese, are they having a laugh? That’s almost 10% of a jobseeker’s total weekly income and over 6% of a pensioners, while those bastards in parliament who are screwing all of us would pay that and more for a glass of wine to wash down their subsidised lunch and not bat an eyelid.

No wonder otherwise honest people are just sticking stuff in their pocket. Way things are going, I may well be joining them. Likely get arrested for the sake of a bit of cheese on toast or four ounces of breakfast sausage.




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2 Responses to Inflation 5% … In Which Parallel Universe?

  1. Dioclese says:

    But did you adjust those figures to ‘in real terms’?…

  2. tonyjayg says:

    No I didn’t. In real terms, I guess it’s even worse.

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