Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

I just realised that with the Queen’s previous celebration in the 70s, they built and opened the “Jubilee line” on the London underground as a dedication to her. I used to drive trains on there for a number of years. Oh, the fond memories come flooding back. The suicides were a real blast. People in pieces everywhere! You had to laugh.
There was a recession on then as well, but they still found the money to tunnel right through London and on into Essex for mile after mile anyway. So I was thinking, with the diamond jubilee coming up, they could do something similar. Of course, times are tight again (apparently, unless you’re already rich) and with the national debt and all that crap, it would have to be something far less expensive. Particularly now they are spending 10 billion pounds on fireworks and backhanders to dodgy african murderers, sorry, leaders, for the 2012 pre-end-of-the-world olympics.
I still think they could do something similar, though, maybe by using cheap foreign labour and leaving our own people out of work and desperate. Sure to be worth having our kids out of work and hopeless, our homes repossesed, our people treated like shit and our old people sitting in the cold, providing we can honour our glorious Queen. Bless her.
Here’s my idea. Build another underground line, but this time just make it six feet long and six feet deep and bury the masonic German bitch and the rest of her evil family. That would be a bit crowded, I admit, so let’s make it a twenty foot deep hole in the ground that would fit all of them.
Good idea or what?
If you’d like to help with my cause, donations to: burythesatanicroyalfamily.com. If you have problems with that link, try: letshangallthebankers.com, or strangletherothshilds.co.uk.
Sadly, killallofourmotherfuckingpoliticians.org is down for maintenance. We hope to have it up and running again soon and apologise for any inconvenience.

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