Easy Peasy





I can rhyme quite easily, age on age

Filling up each long blank page

Spouting words with little meaning

A fault for which I have a leaning


Because I’m here you keep on reading

When mercy is what your heart is pleading

And though I have a kindly heart

You must finish all before we part


Ever had a dream where you can’t escape

The victim of murder, robbery, or rape

Chased by monsters and can’t get away

Well, you’re in one now, even though it’s day


The poet spins in darkened grave

Niceties’ eternal slave

This tosh insults his metered ear

But he’s down there, while I’m up here


So let him keep his clever wits

While I write on of bums and tits

Being worthy ain’t my gig

Which rhymes, of course, with pig or prig


Everything I write will match

Day and night, but here’s the catch

Is my poetry worth a light

Or is it just a bag of shite


I sod about with words and rhymes

A thousand, thousand, thousand times

Sausage-like I’ll string my words

Writing of plums, whey and curds


I must stop now to my great sorrow

But I’ll be back upon the morrow

Filling paper white or blue

With, yes, a great big heap of poo





About tonyjayg

I'm a great bloke. That's all you need to know. ;)
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2 Responses to Easy Peasy

  1. Dear Tony, I enjoy your rhymes
    I’ve read them all a fair few times
    And find them (mostly) such a pleasure
    With many turns of phrase I treasure.

    And so I beg on bended knees
    That the poetry will never cease
    For I think nothing could be worse
    Than being deprived of Tonyverse!

  2. tonyjayg says:

    I LIKE IT! The chances of me ever running out of words is pretty slim, sometimes funny, often grim. They pour from me like water from a fountain and pile up just like a mountain. So I’ll keep going, you can bet on that, even if sometimes I sound like a prat. :))))

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