Summertime Blues

Another dark and windy summer
Not that I’m a suntan freak
But this really is a bummer

Gloomy skies with heavy drizzle
One good week like every spring
Then watch the sunshine fizzle

Forecast talk of possible showers
So you chance a bracing walk
Get ten yards from your front door
And it pisses down for hours

Early June and still in need of heating
Should be sipping long cool drinks
But hot chocolate takes some beating

I think it’s all these chemical sprays
Pumping out tons of poisoned metals
They’re blocking all the sunshine out
Surprised the flowers still have petals

No global warming I think you’ll find
Though they keep trying to scare our wits
It’s all an excuse to rob us blind
The lying, scamming, thieving shits

Climate change bang on the money
Changing seven times hourly
Shorts and vest, or brolly and coat
Is not in the least bit funny

Water in my ears, water in my shoes
I’m gonna raise a hoot and a holler
I sure as hell have the summertime blues
With cold rain dripping down my collar




About tonyjayg

I'm a great bloke. That's all you need to know. ;)
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