Demon Drink




Well, I had a real skin full
It happens twice a week
Usually when my thoughts
Become unbearably bleak

It used to calm my troubles
Once even made me happy
No longer drowning sorrows
Now it makes me snappy

I know I shouldn’t do it
But sleep, it just won’t come
For really quite a bright lad
I can be oh so dumb

Booze once made me funny
Filled with fun and witty
Now it makes me angry
Mood glowering and shitty

Oh how I should not do it
Avoid the demon drink
It simply makes me stroppy
Removes my power to think

Turns me into an argument
Looking for a place to settle
Looking for a foe to goad
To sting and poke and nettle

And then there are the horrors
That arrive to haunt next day
For bad moods and bad temper
They always make me pay

Well, I had a real skin full
That’s set my guts to churning
Nerves all taught and anxious
Eyes gritty, sore and burning

Serves you bloody well right
I expect to hear you say
Last night I would have argued
But today’s another day

So I sit and string my words
Waiting for the tremors to pass
Saying sorry to any offended
By this maudlin drunken arse

But I suffer for this habit
You can be quite sure of that
Not least of all, it must be said
By knowing I’m such a twat

There is an ancient saying
To know thyself, it states
Yet does not say what one should do
If what one finds, one hates

Never again, my solemn vow
Will I poison body and mind
Lying to you, my lovely friends
And to myself, I think you’ll find…




About tonyjayg

I'm a great bloke. That's all you need to know. ;)
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5 Responses to Demon Drink

  1. ChasC says:

    Been reading through a few of your poems and think I might be able to use a few as lyrics provided you’ve no objection? And would it offend if I changed the odd word here and there to help them fit the tune? Naturally, I’ll give you full credit as co-writer on anything I release which should give you an income of precisely half of bugger all – which is about what I make out of it!!

  2. chascrane says:

    I put this to the muse as it were and emailed you a link – don’t know if you got it. Anyway, here’s the link again :

  3. chascrane says:

    Scheduled for release on my blog on the 26th and also on the Dioclese blog with credits and links to your good self. Should bring you a bit of traffic as I think he has quite a good following. Well, never did me any harm anyhow!

    All we have to do now is maintain the standard!

    • tonyjayg says:

      Dioclese comments on my blog fairly regularly, so that’s all good. Not that I’ve written much lately. The muse has escaped for the time being. She’ll be back, the bitch, or I’ll hunt her down…

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