Quorn – What’s That All About?

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A block of quorn, cut into cubes and fried to a golden brown, served with a nice plate of chips, makes for a tasty little meal. Well, it does if you leave out the quorn and replace it with some crisp streaky bacon and a sausage or two. And a fried egg and some beans. And several thick slices of black pudding. And a fried slice.

For anyone who has never tried quorn, in consistency it lays somewhere between a barbecue firelighter and a polystyrene ceiling tile. Taste wise, it, um, doesn’t have any to speak of, chewing the rubber on the tip of a pencil being a good deal more flavoursome. I tried it once and as I was munching away, all I could keep thinking was what is the point of this bloody stuff.

Years later, I saw a cookery show where the host made a quorn dish…

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