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My next guest on Yawn at Dawn is a glamour model, author, singer, mother to a disabled child, media celebrity and now the subject of a planned Hollywood movie based around her own colourful life.

Born Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Infield, her career has been controversial, her private life a roller coaster of loves won and lost and the paparazzi have followed her every step of the way. Yes, formerly known to the British tabloids as Jordan, please give a big Yawn at Dawn welcome to Katie Price!

(Pause for canned applause and cheering)

Good morning Katie and thank you for join…

I’ve got a book out.

Ah, yes, we’ll get to that in…

It’s in book shops now. And Smiths.

I see and…

And Tesco and Sainsbury.

Right, so you…

I don’t think it’s in Ryman’s, though, they only sell blank paper, pens and stuff like that.

Straight in…

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