Men’s Suspenders

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Warning, OUTRAGEOUS is a series of filth, swear words, insanity and gross images. The easily offended (and not so easily) and anyone under about 35 should stop reading right now!


The only reason men ever needed suspenders was because knitted woollen socks kept falling down. Most annoying and particularly so when using the old Victorian conveniences, which were ankle-deep in putrid piss and the blood of murdered street urchins. Apparently.

Once the elasticated sock was invented, however, no more need for suspenders (apart from a niche market for cross dressers and gangsters). Well, hey, that was the end of that little clip-on gold mine.

I expect that explains why so many geezers these days grow tits and mince about in lady’s togs, pretending they haven’t got Adam’s apples like conkers or big, sweaty, pre-snip bollocks.

“Timmy, stop staring at the nice lady’s knuckles!”


When I was an itty bitty baby, my mother…

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