I Climbed a Mountain

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I climbed a mountain in my mind, to see what I would find up there
Not much, not really, nothing great, just blood and bone and greying hair

I tried to climb the tree of sleep, to nestle in its bowers
But the nightmares came, I woke again and wept for several hours…

I climbed into the morning and peered up at the skies
But the emptiness discovered there, filled up my heart with sighs

I climbed the stairs, went to the shop, the highlight of my life
I used to have big dreams, you know, a job, good friends, a wife

I climbed out of insanity, that dark and eerie land
But my mind soon slipped away again, like fingers clutching sand

I climbed into the next day, to escape from all the pain
But as I climbed, I realised, it would be just the same again

I climbed…

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I'm a great bloke. That's all you need to know. ;)
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