Hiding Bad News With Bad News

I wrote this 11 months ago, but as the hacking inquiry still rumbles interminably on and as the euro continues to stagger from one disaster to the next, I thought it was worth a reblog.

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The hacking story dominates the news agenda. Murdoch is hauled before parliament, a whistleblower dies (but not in suspicious circumstances of course), Cameron has to answer uncomfortable questions – all big stuff…

Meanwhile, Nick Ferrari on LBC radio said this morning that the government have announced that to give patients “more choice” private health care is to be provided at local GP clinics, which will be paid for by the NHS. If this isn’t privatisation through the back door, I don’t know what is (despite their protestations that they have no intention of privatising health care) and yet I can find no reference whatsoever to this story online in either the BBC news, The Daily Mail or the Evening Standard. Either Nick Ferrari has got it wrong, or it has been completely squeezed from the news agenda by yesterdays circus in parliament.

They have quietly announced it now, of course…

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