Sword of Fire




Democracy lays bleeding
Freedom coughs out its life
On a planet torn by chaos
By hunger, pain and strife

Rights no longer given
Dignity ripped asunder
Fearful and divided
Into slavery we blunder

Dark the evil people
Darker still their plan
Genocide by the millions
Bringing Hell on earth to man

They barely even hide it
As they meet and greet and grin
Drunk on wealth and power
Made high with mortal sin

Is humanity finally waking
Or is it now all too late
Have the centuries of blindness
Placed the seal upon our fate

Should defeated eyes be cast down
At the end of our shared rope
Or turned up to God’s heaven
With courage, love and hope

Here there sits no prophet
Just one sheep gone astray
But I’ve read the story’s ending
Where the dark ones finally pay

A Son came bearing forgiveness
A gift from His Heavenly Sire
Soon, in wrath, He will return
With a cleansing sword of fire





About tonyjayg

I'm a great bloke. That's all you need to know. ;)
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5 Responses to Sword of Fire

  1. Denny says:

    Hi Sugar.
    I love this one, it gives me hope. Many debate the existence of another life. For me it is clear that Heaven will be my next destination. Why am I so sure? Because this bullshit life we are now living CANNOT be all there is. No way. I look forward to that time when I will see justice, even if I will have to wait for it. Patience.

    • tonyjayg says:

      Hi sweetie. I know the evil exists. The evidence for it is everywhere you look, so logically, the good exists as well. Here’s a thought. Nature itself wastes nothing. Even something that dies feeds the surrounding grass and the insects. The insects feed the birds, the grass feeds the cows and on and on. It occurs to me that a human life spent gathering knowledge and hopefully a little wisdom would be a waste if all of that died with us. The universe is energy and so are we, so I figure in one form or another we will continue to exist.

  2. Chas C says:

    Hi Tony. Just to let you know I’ve ‘butchered’ some more of your poetry by setting it to my second rate music and that it’s going out tomorrow morning over on http://chascmusic.wordpress.com

    To be honest, I copied all of your poems to one big file and then went digging. I’ve used three verses of one of your pieces for the main song and parts of another for the bridge before the guitar solo. I’ve called it ‘Sleep’ as it seemed to fit the lyrics. Hope you like the end result!

    If you can’t wait ’til the morning, you’ll find it here : https://dl.dropbox.com/u/17757917/Sleep.mp3

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