I Can’t Stand Noise

I must be cracking on, I must be getting old
I can’t stand noise and I really hate the cold

Time ain’t nice and time ain’t kind
It screws with your body, screws with your mind

Every bloody day, another painful twinge
Makes you have a moan, makes you have a whinge

The years roll by with their wear and tear
The loss of youth’s not too easy to bear

Eyes start to fail and joints begin to grind
And don’t try to kid me that you don’t mind

I had get up and go once, but it got up and went
Soon I will be ancient and craggy-faced and bent

It doesn’t feel fair and it doesn’t feel right
Getting up to have a pee four times every night

Can’t run for a bus, can’t run up the stairs
Hair once dark now awash with silver hairs

I used to have hot passions and lot’s of fire and drive
Now I need to check my pulse to see if I’m alive

I must be cracking on, I must be getting old
I can’t stand noise and I hate the blasted cold


About tonyjayg

I'm a great bloke. That's all you need to know. ;)
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4 Responses to I Can’t Stand Noise

  1. Chas C says:

    Sounds bluesy to me ;0)

  2. Love ya Tony. This was a good one. I miss our chats and I wish you would use twitter more. Denny

    • tonyjayg says:

      I didn’t know you’d had a name change. Miss you being around too, “anonymous”. I haven’t got in to twitter. My phone is too old to use it and I only twitter posts – though I forget to do that most of the time. Have a great birthday and I hope we can talk more.

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