Some thoughts came to mind as I woke today from my troubled rest and those thoughts were that we (and I was going to say you, but decided on we) have all been domesticated. Here’s what occurred to me as I lay in bed this morning trying to think of a reason to get up:

I watched a documentary about dogs a while back, about how they became part of our lives and how wolves and mankind went from wild hunters, to “one man and his dog” happily rounding up sheep as we see today. The wolves, it said, found that following man about provided easy pickings as they cleaned up our scraps and polished off the carcasses from things we had hunted and killed. It said the wolves that became least fearful of man did the best out of this by being first on the scene and that the friendlier ones may well have found the added bonus of men actually feeding them. Thus began the process of domestication.

The programme went on to say that the many divergent breeds of dog aren’t simply down to breeding, as people believe, but because as time went on the wolves changed to be more pleasing to man. They developed different colours, longer fur, even the shapes of their skulls changed and all to be more appealing to us. It also said that dogs in the wild don’t really bark, so even their range of vocal noises appears to have developed solely to communicate with man.

Then they showed a study somewhere in Russia where they have some kind of wolverine/fox type creature that is as vicious and wild as they get. In one set of cages they kept a number of these animals that have minimal human contact and if a hand went anywhere near the bars they snapped and snarled and rolled their eyes in their heads trying their best to attack. Then we were shown more cages with the same animals three generations on after being fed and treated nicely by people and they can be picked up and handled and they are as friendly as any puppy.

Finally a set of the same beasts, but a lot more generations on (this project has been running for 50 years apparently) and now they were all different colours, their fur and body shape had changed, they had spots and patches as opposed to their wild ancestor’s uniform reddish brown and had become all licky-face, tail wagging, sit up and beg, honest to goodness pets fit for children.

I mention the above, because the next time you hear how the nanny state creates dependency, think “domestication”. When, at its simplest level, you are forced to rely on the state or employer for your daily bread, you soon learn not to bite the hand that feeds you. It makes you docile and compliant, wagging your little tail in the hope that an additional bone or rubber toy will be tossed your way. Labour are the worst culprits for this, obviously, creating thousands of government non-jobs and benefit dependency, but society always works on keeping the masses domesticated. Marx called the people “the bovine masses” and he was exactly right.

Anyone who reads what I write will know that I call the masses sheeple, but I’m only free of that label myself in the way I think. You could describe it as being free thinking and you should try it instead of docilely believing everything your masters tell you. Your own brain might surprise you if you let it slip the lead and go for a run on its own. It will likely benefit from the exercise.

That aside, however, I am also domesticated. I’m at the bottom of the pile, dependent on benefits to survive and just about keeping a roof over my head. My next step down is sitting on a park bench with a can of special brew and so, though I shout my mouth off on here, I don’t make waves or attract attention to myself, because I don’t want the man to get out the rolled up newspaper and give me a whopping, i.e. stop my benefits or get me evicted.

People take a little more to control them than dogs, cows and horses, though. Thus, brain-numbing chemicals in your food. Aspartame, poisonous. Fluoride in the water and toothpaste, poisonous. Mercury in fillings and apparently in their dodgy inoculations like the MMR vaccine, poisonous – and a whole flurry of other additives and chemicals which do lord knows what to your head. I believe the Americans have a saying “don’t drink the Coolade” which I assume refers to avoiding the crap that goes into it.

Add in the constant brainwashing propaganda from the goggle box (as well as the placid brain rhythms the tube inculcates in all of us), the press, civil servants and ministers, plus the undoubted dumbing down of education, and you have a complete system of domestication for the human animal. And before you point to record A level passes to discount dumbed down education, I ask, could a system capable of constantly improving such passes also be churning out record numbers of illiterates? That’s completely paradoxical.

Example: in my day, we had to read a book on the understanding that a question might be asked about any part of it. Now they are told to read a chapter or less, the part the question will be aimed at, making the rest of that book irrelevant. How can anyone learn anything worth knowing by reading one chapter of the theory of evolution in isolation from the remainder, or gain anything from a random chapter from a classic novel? Bloody ridiculous.

As for coursework counting for as much as exams, dear me. All copied off the internet in ten minutes flat just prior to getting back to their brain-deadening x-box. Again, bloody ridiculous. Record successes and record failures from the same system, bit strange don’t you think? Silly me, of course you don’t think, not if you belong to the bovine mass of domesticated sheeple. Forgot that for a moment. Hey, come to my shop, I sell the freshest and most rotten produce on the high street. I’ve won awards for excellence and been closed down by environmental health on the same day.

Record A level passes, but more kids who can’t read, write or count than since before the education system began. Oh please. I went to univeristy at the age of 38 to study English and in a class full of young A level students, I was the only one who knew the difference between “their”, “there” and “they’re”. I was expelled from school at fourteen with not so much as a GCSE to my name, yet I was still better educated than they all were.

And as I write this, it is just being reported that half the population have the maths skills of eleven year olds and struggle even to work out what their shopping will cost or whether they’ve been short changed. I was taught maths in the 1960s and I can get a basket of shopping, arrive at the till remembering the price of each individual item, and then add it all up as I unload my goods onto the conveyor and be bang on to the penny. But we mustn’t get kids to recite their times tables or do any mental arithmetic, must we, that’s far too draconian for the poor little loves.

So we are all domesticated to one degree or another, some much more than others. Some of us still need beware of the dog signs, others will wag their tails, eyes full of love and trust, as their masters beat the shit out of them. Welcome to the eUSSR and the New World Order – Crufts for humanity on a grand scale. And best in show goes to … the liblabcon supporting soppy Dulux dogs with fur in their eyes and clinkers on their McDonalds’ fattened arses, too domesticated to do anything other than keep right on ticking the same old boxes, voting for the same old masters no matter how badly they are treated by them. Walkies!

I’ll leave you with this quote:

“All forms of tampering with human beings, getting at them, shaping them against their will to your own pattern, all thought control and conditioning is, therefore, a denial of that in men which makes them men and their values ultimate.”
~ Isaiah Berlin


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  1. tonyjayg says:

    Or should it be spelt “sheople”? 🙂

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