Eastenders – Question:

There is one Muslim family living in Albert Square, when there should really be only one white English family for the sake of east end accuracy. That aside, the mother of the family, Zanab, is the only one with an Asian accent, but that also aside, she had an affair with her first husband, who had previously tried to burn her to death (about the only authentic bit of the story line) and then, when he turned out to be a psycho and died in a fire himself, she ran back to the arms of her second husband, who had been on the brink of an affair with a married white kuffar woman himself. Not to mention that he also previously gambled them into debt and stole money to get himself out of trouble.

Zanab claims she is a good Muslim, but is seen with her head covered about one episode in a hundred when they decide to show her praying to satan. Not satan, allah, I’m always getting those two mixed up. She also bad-mouths her husband in public, doesn’t obey him and never walks three paces behind him. Of course, I realise that not all Muslims do those things, but no TV soap would ever include scenes of the ones who do. The lefties all defend such behaviour as being “their culture”, but they won’t show it because in their heart of hearts they know it really has no place in this century.

Another member of the family is her husband’s brother, who was married to a white non-Muslim woman – who threw him out – who is a drunk, a wastrel, a layabout and a womaniser.

The youngest son, who through good times and bad has a single hangdog expression like he has shat in his pants and been forced to sit in it all day, got married to a young lady, who married him despite her father refusing to give his blessings to the union, thus withholding a twenty camel dowry, or maybe a deposit on a house, one or the other. She subsequently got sick of the miserable whiner and ran off to travel the world alone.

The eldest son was married and had a child, but then discovered he was gay and began a love affair with a white English muscle-Mary. When his wife finally realised she wasn’t going to get him back from his boyfriend, she cleared off abroad and left her daughter to be brought up by two fathers, one white and Christian (also named Christian) and one, her ex husband, Asian and Muslim. They love each other so much, not one episode goes by without them kissing and cuddling at least three times.

These two gay men then decided to get married and after initially being violently against it (his mother actually wished him dead for the shame he had brought on the family), the Muslim parents soon about-faced and said how pleased they were that they were so in love, gave them their blessings and began organising their wedding. Their son, a coward, repeated liar and fraudster, then began to get cold feet and after a brief flirtation, began snogging the face off another white Christian male.

That’s a brief synopsis, but here comes the aforementioned question. Given all of the above, how come there haven’t been Islamic rioters outside broadcasting house and how come fatwas haven’t been issued against the actors, the writers, the producers, the head of programming and uncle Tom Cobley and all?

Given historical events, death threats over cartoons, plays insulting Islam shut down, riots and deaths caused in protest against youtube videos and the ongoing fatwa against Salman Rushdie for writing the satanic verses, how come the Islamics have chosen to not get offended at this little lot?

Muslims not just having affairs but having them with Christians, getting drunk, gambling and stealing, taking gay lovers, abandoning their children, not following the teachings of the prophet in any way shape or form, surely there is something in there to be get their knickers in a twist over? Couldn’t be that BBCeera has special immunity as a thanks for all their pro-Islam propaganda and for not broadcasting the truth, could it? You know, like describing all the child grooming gangs in Britain as Asian and never mentioning that they are actually Muslim, thereby lumping millions of innocent Asians, including Sikhs, in with the monsters who are carrying out these attrocities.

Or maybe it’s because the Beeb put a Muslim in charge of religious programmes. No, can’t be, that has to be conspiracy paranoia taken too far. Forget I said anything…


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One Response to Eastenders – Question:

  1. Aljubi says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the Arabs head

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