None so Bold

I remember a time good people, when the English were proud workers
But the man closed all our industries and now he names you shirkers
I remember a time not long ago, when there were oh so many jobs
But the man wanted cheap foreign labour and now he calls you slobs

He’s insulted you for years folks, yes he’s treated you like shit
And he’s sold our entire country out and he couldn’t care a bit
He kowtows to anything foreign, gives his respect to one and all
But the English could be dying and he’d leave you where you fall

He’s sold off our family’s silver and auctioned off all our gold
But he’d sell his mother’s soul, my friends, to be in the Euro fold
This man his name is quisling, our enemy, our deadly foe
Should’ve put the traitor against a wall and shot him years ago

And our young folks die for nothing, so loyal, brave and true
They died fighting wars from history and sadly they still do
Bullets and bombs they face my friends, courageous to a man
Maimed and killed for justice, though the man knows it’s a sham

Democracy expired years ago and our freedom will soon follow
Though they pretend we still have liberty, their lying words are hollow
The man has back-stabbed our people and stolen all we’ve got
And don’t think that’s by accident, it’s all part of his evil plot

Like the Romans soon, the English, consigned to history’s bin
But the man won’t shed the smallest tear, he’s more likely to grin
Now little left but fading memories, of glorious feats of old
None ever were as great as us and never none so bold


About tonyjayg

I'm a great bloke. That's all you need to know. ;)
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