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Question: what is the most stupid thing characters in movies say? My nomination for dumb award varies in actual dialogue, but always comes to pretty much the same thing. The words used are usually along the lines of “let’s split up”, or, “you search upstairs, I’ll take the basement”, or, “I think I heard something in the barn, let’s check it out”.

And the same thing it always come to is a grisly death for at least one of the parties concerned, usually the only sensible one who was actually pleading with the others to run far, far away. Let’s not split up. Let’s search the house together. And fuck the barn, I’m locking the front door and calling the police. That’s what non morons would actually do, but no…

Close cousins to let’s split up syndrome are “stay there” – and they don’t – moments later being decapitated with…

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