Defence Versus Welfare

The defence minister has said we should not cut spending on the armed forces any further and should, instead, cut more from the welfare budget. Same old I’m alright jack let’s screw the poor attitude. How much more damage they can do to the disabled, the sick, the unemployed and low paid workers, I just don’t know.

With disabled people being found fit for work (many of them injured ex soldiers); with the unemployed being expected to find money towards their council tax; with the bedroom tax meaning those without work may have to find as much as 25% of their rent or be forced to move into smaller properties possibly hundreds of miles away where rents are lower; with carers allowance cut and with benefit rates frozen while the cost of living soars, soon the only way people will be able to eat will be by stealing.

Shoplifting has already been on the increase, the most stolen items apparently being cheese and cooked meats, and the upward trend is bound to continue. Pinching cheese and packets of ham is hardly the mark of career criminals, but of those taking things they can no longer afford to buy. The way things are going, I might just have to get a coat with big inside pockets and a false arm myself.

Meanwhile, we continue to get involved in wars and conflicts that have nothing to do with us and every week, it seems, hand out millions to “rebels” as we just have to the anti-Assad Syrians. We continue to send £12 billion abroad in aid. We continue to squander £53 million per day on Europe, the great fascist money pit. This government has given a massive tax cut to millionaires and billionaires, while attacking the jobless as being to blame for all of our problems. And we continue with our open door policy, allowing millions of immigrants to come here to further drain our benefits and services. No matter what the ConDems do, welfare spending will go up next year anyway once hoards of Roma, Bulgarians and Rumanians rock up and start claiming left right and centre.

“The unemployed should get off their arses and go find a job“, is the cry that I hear daily. What jobs? A couple of weeks ago, over one thousand seven hundred people applied for eight jobs in a coffee shop and five of those were only part time. Even if you do manage to find a job, chances are it will be part time or very low-paid and with tax credits for working people having also been cut, you’ll find yourself still living in poverty, but working at some shit, dead end job for the privilege.

Before devolution and the creation of various parliaments and before Europe, there were around three thousand politicians in this country. Now there are about thirty thousand. Taking into account all the buildings needed to house them, the cars to drive them around, the ridiculously generous allowances and expense accounts and all the many staff needed to service their needs, I can’t even begin to guess how many billions that costs us every year.

Instead of further slashing welfare to people already living well below the poverty line (millions of them innocent children), how about we cut 25 thousand politicians and all their hangers-on, stop Europe costing us around £100 billion per year, close our borders and stop any more spongers and people willing to work for next to nothing from coming here, use the £12 billion overseas aid on our own disabled, poor and vulnerable, and stop paying child benefit to foreigners who have long since gone back home, and spend all those savings on our own people and infrastructure.

Anyone who still has some dumb belief that Labour cares about the working people any more than the current bunch of elite scumbags really needs a reality check. With all these ongoing attacks against the poorest and most vulnerable in our society, how often have you heard anyone from Labour furiously jumping up and down condemning what’s going on? Barely a squeak out of any of them and if you think they’ll reverse any of this once in power, dream on. The divide between the rich and the poor grew astronomically during their last thirteen years in power and if you think it would be any different this time, you need your bumps feeling urgently.

While we’re culling unnecessary politicians, we could also get rid of the biggest bunch of scroungers going – the royal family. Not only would that save millions, we could also confiscate all their lands and properties. They stole it all from the people in the first place and I think it’s high time we took it all back. The Queen owns one sixth of the entire land mass of this planet with a worth estimated in so many trillions it would make our current deficit look like a five-year-old’s pocket money.

And that, my friends, in a few hundred words, is how I would put this country back on its feet practically over night.

Vote me for benign dictator and I’ll get it bloody sorted out.

Oh, and we could free all the non TV license payers from prison to make room for those 25 thousand unemployed politicians. Bread and water for you bunch of bastards. Stale bread and rain water, in fact.


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One Response to Defence Versus Welfare

  1. Heather says:

    I hear you.

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