Supermarket Robbery (Update).

I’ve just come back from the new Lidl that opened nearby recently and after shopping there a couple of times, it’s made me realise just how much the other supermarkets are ripping us all off.

I bought 18 items, all easily as good in quality as anything you can get from Sainsbury – and you can trust me on that because I’ve tried the equivalent goods from both stores – and I spent a total of £21.57.

Now I ain’t just a wordsmith, no sir, I also have a head for numbers and know the prices in Sainsbury for every item I bought today. So given my spend of £21.57, how much do you think the same stuff would have cost me in Sainsbury?

Go on, have a guess…

Nope, nowhere near…


Sounds impossible, I know, but I shit you not.

For example, I buy those ready meals, chicken korma and rice, for example, or sweet and sour chicken, etc. I’ve eaten them from both Sainsbury and Lidl and you would be hard pressed to tell the difference. In fact, I think the Lidl ones have a little less sauce and a bit more chicken. Anyway, in Sainsbury they are £3.50. In Lidl, they are £1.49 and today they were on special offer at just £1.19. So I could buy three for the price of one. Bargain! (Since writing this, I have checked and I was spot on. In the Sainsbury ready meals, there is 18% chicken, in the Lidl one, it’s 20% – at a third of the price!)

Subsequently, I discovered the same kind of currys, or sweet and sour chicken, from the Lidl chill cabinet rather than the freezer @£1.99 or two for £3, contain 24% chicken. What do you want to buy, sainsbury’s ready meal £3.50 18% chicken, or the ones for £1.50 with 24% chicken? And, I have to tell you, I have eaten less tasty currys from an indian restaraunt and paid six quid for them! Big appetite? Eat two, that’s still 50 pence cheaper than buying one out of sainsbury’s. I tell you, even the cellophane covering Lidl uses is better quality and doesn’t instantly burn and peel off allowing your rice to dry out…

I bought a large 1.75 kilo chicken that was priced at £4.17, but reduced because the use by date was tomorrow, down to just £2.91. In Sainsbury that would have easily been six quid. On top of that, when Lidl make a reduction, it is 30% immediately. In Sainsbury, they knock off 10%, then another ten and another ten as it gets closer to close of business. And even when Sainsbury has finally taken off the full 30%, the item in question will still be more expensive than Lidl’s full price. A £3.50 curry reduced by 30% (which you will only get if you go at about 8 in the evening and often not even then), will still be a pound dearer than the full-priced one from Lidl. Take a look for yourself if you don’t believe me.

A pack of probiotic yoghurt drinks were 81p. They vary in the other stores depending on brand, but you know you’ll be lucky to find any much under two quid and some are nearly double that much. Admittedly, you won’t recognise a lot of the brand names, but they are every bit as good as their famous equivalents and if you are a fruit and veg fan, Lidl’s green grocery is top quality and much cheaper. A large avocado in Sainsbury, £1.20, Lidl, 65p. Cucumber 90p compared to 55p and celery the same.

Now my ready meals are as good (or poor depending on your viewpoint) at £1.49 as at £3.50, so it would be really bloody stupid to pay almost two and a half times as much for them. In fact, I am now saving so much money by shopping at Lidl, that I’ve decided I can afford to put my freezer back on. I haven’t used it in years, figuring it was a waste of electricity and given I couldn’t afford to even half fill it, rather pointless.

The added bonus is that I can now shop once and be done with it, instead of going every other day, eking out my cash and hoping to find something I can actually afford on the reduced use-by-today shelf (eating whatever is cheapest and not what I actually want to eat). Actually, bar milk and maybe some spuds, the £21.57 I spent today has got me enough stuff to feed me for more than a fortnight. In dear old Sainsbury, the same amount would have fed me for about three or four days.

A premium sliced white loaf, 55p. Chocolate muesli bars x8, £1.19, which are nearly double that in the other rip off stores. 24 bags of crisps, £2.05, in Sainsbury 20 bags for £3.80. Even a pint of milk is 5p cheaper, which may seem like nothing, but a pint a day would save you about eighteen quid over a year. And I got a double packet of bourbons and a double packet of custard creams for 87 pence the lot! Did I recognise the brand, no, do they taste exactly the same as any others you can buy, yes. A roast chicken dinner (or pork or beef) with about the culinary exellence of a school dinner, but good enough and at £1.49 instead of three and a half quid, you can’t knock it. Fifteen eggs for £1.15! Utterly Butterly 500gms 99p – Sainsbury two quid a pop. Half pound of English butter, 98p, Sainsbury cheapest value brand £1.20. The list goes on and on, so bugger mum’s gone to Iceland, get yourself to your nearest Lidl.

I’ve been shopping for myself for over 40 years and I’m a canny shopper. I try cheap stuff and if it’s crap, I don’t buy it again. Simples.

Live well for less at Sainsbury?

Yeah, right, you thieving robbing bastards. When I think of the untold thousands I’ve been cheated out of over the last thirty years, I could weep.

…And here’s another tip for you. Do not turn your nose up at the 99p and £1 stores. While some items, like a tin of pilchards at 99p, are no cheaper than elsewhere, there are many bargains to be had if you keep your wits about you. For example: 100gms Red Mountain Coffee 99p that would cost around £2 in the main supermarkets. 100 Typhoo tea bags actually marked on the box £2.15, but selling for 99p. 18 Oxo or Bovril stock cubes for 99p when 12 in Sainsbury costs around £1.25. A packet of 50 Rizla cigarette papers are 30 pence, but you can get ten packets (of a different brand) for a quid, a third of the price. Perfectly good looking reading glasses for one pound! Lots of different crisps, quavers, etc, in family packs for 99p and these are branded names you will pay twice as much for in your local shop. A variety pack of ceareal x10 for 99p, as opposed to two pound odd for 8, again of an unknown brand, but the choco pops were so nice I was eating them out of the packet like sweets – so Kellogs can get stuffed. And before you even think it, no, their goods aren’t all out of date or fake, though I would avoid the 99p tin openers, they are shit and don’t work.

The first time I ever went into a Lidl store was about 25 years ago and it was so much like chav central, I couldn’t bear to use the place. Well they aren’t like that anymore. As clean and well laid out as any of the bigger retailers, but with prices at least 30% cheaper and in many cases a lot more than that, you would be off your rocker to be too sniffy to use them. You may not recognise a lot of the brand names, but that doesn’t make them any poorer quality.

You will find, being smaller than their rivals, these stores don’t have the same vast range, but personally, that is a major plus in my book. I’m sick and tired of dithering in the cereal or biscuit aisle, torn between all the many products and trying to figure out what is value and what is a rip off. In Lidl, there may be a dozen different items, or sometimes only two or three, but that is so much more manageable, I can even get my shopping done faster.

I can no longer think of one single good reason to use any of the big supermarkets, bar the fact that it takes me fifteen minutes longer to get to Lidl and back. Come to think of it, that actually means me getting more exercise, so even that’s a positive.

Come on folks, stop being robbed blind by Sainsbury, Tesco, Morrisons and Asda (bar Asda’s ten quid trainers, which is allowable) and save yourself a fortune in Lidl, or (I’m told) Aldi and the 99p and £1 shops. All the other lot’s gimmicky ads telling you why one shop is cheaper than the other shop are complete bollocks when you consider they are all about 40% more expensive than they should be in the first place. As for their coupons, loyalty cards and price guarantees, another pile of shite.

Every little does help and you can live well for less, but only if you stop letting the big retailers pick your pockets. Look at it this way, based on the savings I’ve made already, I reckon that over a full year, I will cover the entire cost of my gas and electricity – no small thing given the energy companies are another bunch of legalised thieves – and unless you are rolling in cash, you would be an utter retard not to do the same.

Just a few more prices to add to make you take notice of how the major supermarkets are ripping you off to the max…


2 large naan breads, plain or garlic and coriander, 49 pence.

2 garlic or herb baquettes, 69p. Had one last night, crisp and delicious.

A kilo of roast potatoes from the freezer (and very good indeed) 69p.

2.5 kilos of frying chips, £1.36.

A kilo of oven chips, 79p and 750 grams of hash browns also 79p.

200grms of nice liver pate, 79p.

113grms of ham, 69p.

Small french stick, 15p and usually still warm from the oven. That’s if the swarm of people waiting for them to come out don’t get them all before you. Go after four and even that isn’t a problem.

100grm bar of chocolate with whole hazlenuts, 69p, with hazelnut pieces, 49p. You can also get 100grm bars with rice crispies in for 49p and milk or dark chocolate bars for 35p.

After all that chocolate, Cool mint mouth wash 500ml, or 125 mil toothpaste, both 49p. I’m using both and though the name Dentolux is unknown to me, they are just as good as anything else I’ve used.

And while I have little need of nappies (not until I’m a bit older, anyway) pack of 50 £4.69. Pack of 35 £3.99.

There is currently an ad on TV for Aldi (similar to Lidl) and the woman says her family saved a hundred and twenty-odd quid by shopping there and it has changed their lives and for once, I didn’t sneer at the advert. Lidl has reduced my shopping bill by at least 40% and I can also afford to buy myself treats without breaking the bank. 300 grms of dry roast peanuts (KP, not all their brands are unknown) @£1.19, is one of my favourite snacks. My freezer is back on and, for about twenty five quid, is stuffed full. Not just with main meals, but with naan breads, part baked rolls (which are bril), teacakes, crumpets, waffles and other bits and bobs I can have with my ready meals or as snacks whenever the fancy takes me.

Has shopping at Lidl changed my life like the lady in the advert claims? Yes, it really has. I eat better, I eat more regularly, I eat cheaper and I eat what I want and not what I can just about find the money for, while lord bloody sainsbury and all the rest profiteer out of me. I’ve also put back on most of the weight I lost after a major operation, but that’s another story…

And just to end this update of an update, even their booze is cheaper than anywhere else. 6 cans of pilsner lager @4.8% for £5.10 and other stuff like cider and wine is also cheaper.

You would be a fool not to switch…


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    • tonyjayg says:

      Cheers. I couldn’t believe the difference. Been using Sainsbury for so long, I didn’t realise the vast difference in price. My 65p four pack of yoghurt drink, by the way, is nicer than yakult, even if I’ve never heard of the brand.

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    Fellow Brits, if you haven’t read this, please take the time to because it may just save you a small fortune. Consider this post as a public service. You’re welcome. 🙂

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