Supermarket Robbery (Update).

Fellow Brits, if you haven’t read this, please take the time to because it may just save you a small fortune. Consider this post as a public service. You’re welcome. 🙂

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I’ve just come back from the new Lidl that opened nearby recently and after shopping there a couple of times, it’s made me realise just how much the other supermarkets are ripping us all off.

I bought 18 items, all easily as good in quality as anything you can get from Sainsbury – and you can trust me on that because I’ve tried the equivalent goods from both stores – and I spent a total of £21.57.

Now I ain’t just a wordsmith, no sir, I also have a head for numbers and know the prices in Sainsbury for every item I bought today. So given my spend of £21.57, how much do you think the same stuff would have cost me in Sainsbury?

Go on, have a guess…

Nope, nowhere near…


Sounds impossible, I know, but I shit you not.

For example, I buy those ready meals, chicken…

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