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Language so like a bottomless pit
Ignore its depths and lessen the wit.

Language provides for all you need say
Serious or not, both at work or at play.

Language alive, constrained by no rule
To the poet a flower, to the writer a tool.

Speech that medium by which men get through
Who they are, what they want, all they think, need or do.

Speak of your feelings, of your heart and your mind
Join more fully with those of your kind.

Language evolving, increasing your power
Expanding your faculties hour on hour.

Words, the ingredients when you want to write
Whether your recipe be fulsome, pretentious or trite.

A ladle of this, a soupcon of that
Baked in the oven kept under your hat.

If a book is a meal, perhaps potato or rice
Vocabulary lacking is food without spice.

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I'm a great bloke. That's all you need to know. ;)
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