Annoying News Dregs from 2013

George Osborne said we should be more ambitious like the Chinese in order for Britain to become successful again and both he and Herr Boris Johnson were crowing about all the business their joint trip to Beijing drummed up.

However, despite the drive of these economic concerns, detractors point out the terrible abuses of human rights, the lack of democracy, the fear of arrest for using free speech by a one party state and its storm troopers; the sweatshop economy where workers have few rights, if any; the grinding poverty of millions, hidden beside all the apparent prosperity…

Um, hang on, were they actually talking about China, or Great Britain as it is today? Because, apart from a thin, false veneer of democracy and freedom, I’m buggered if I can see a lot of difference between one or t’other.

Two parties who have both been following the same agenda for fifty years or more (making it one party), a non-PC remark on twitter can get you arrested – that’s if they don’t nick you under a European arrest warrant and whisk you off to a foreign jail – zero hour contracts and people working free in exchange for (LMFAO until I’m sick) “experience”, poverty now so bad the red cross are distributing food parcels here for the first time since WW2 and we’ve spent the last twenty years invading and occupying foreign countries (bit like Tibet). So when it comes to spotting the difference – there currently being no tanks in Trafalgar Square aside (so far) – I’m at a bit of a loss…

While on China, we are giving them a contract to build us a nuclear power station. They will invest £14 billion in the project and in return will receive guaranteed prices for the power they generate so that they will get back at least £80 billion over time.

The government will point out the Chinese investment will save them having to take money from other budgets. Here’s the thing, though. They are stumping up £72 billion to invest in cross rail, which seems to have the single benefit of taking 15 minutes off a journey, while destroying huge swathes of the countryside and ruining the lives of thousands of displaced people, and in return will very likely recoup absolutely diddly-fucking-squat.

Well, not for the shareholders and their rich mates and all the people who have no doubt paid backhanders to get all the building contracts – they will do very nicely. It will be the government, i.e., us, you and I, tax payers, who will get nothing back. So why not scrap that daft rail project and spend the money building 5 power stations instead and when the profits start to roll in, they will stay in this country instead of going off to China or France. Not to mention keeping control of our own infrastructure instead of putting it in the hands of foreign nations.

Fact is, our “leaders” (snigger), do as they are told, do what is good for their wealth or power, do what polishes their ego (this line was opened by the right honourable Poncenby Limpwrist). As for which nation is rich or poor, when you’re a globalist, who gives a shit? You’re wealth goes where it will make more wealth and stay safe. If people are starving in Britain and your cash is growing nicely invested in Taiwan, suits you, and if it’s the other way around, that also suits you. Loyalty, conscience, compassion, or any of those silly emotions don’t come into it.

On a different way of pissing our money down the drain. Police are apparently offering protection to British Muslims who have been speaking out against radical Islam (where did they spring from all of a sudden?). OK, so we have no choice but to protect them from death threats, but ain’t it great, even the supposed friendly ones are costing us millions to look after. If they want to blow us up, they cost us millions, if they are on our side, they cost us millions. Blow me, could we have imported a worse can of worms into this country if we had tried?

Come to that, if they stay in their own countries they cost us billions in aid. Can’t win…

Call me paranoid (I know you will anyway because everyone really is out to get me), but moderate Muslims speaking out against militant Islam all of a sudden, shortly after the EDL leader quit and started apologising and saying how wrong he was all over the place. Where have they been all of this time? I guess I’m suspicious of everything these days, but couldn’t be the start of a charm offensive to re-brainwash the sheep – they’re not all like that, check out that Mr Khan comedy, see, Muslims are daft and unthreatening just like us – could it?

Next! We should switch power companies if we are unhappy at price rises. Great! Seeing as how they are a virtual cartel and will all put their prices up by around the same amount, what use is switching? Unless you put some effort in and manage to find a cheaper tariff, or special deal of some kind, just switching blindly from one to the other is about as much use as swapping horses on a merry go round.

So the government, in place of actually doing anything, witter on about needing to introduce more competition in the market as that will be good for consumers. Funny, but I thought that was exactly what you told us when you privatised the power companies in the first place. It didn’t do consumers any good then and no doubt it will do us no good now, either. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, I must be bleedin’ stupid. You lot cetainly seem to think so.

Now, as we go into the new year, they are all keeping up the chant that has lasted throughout the last three: “difficult choices”, “difficult decisions”. Difficult for whom exactly? Difficult for people struggling to put food on the table, yes. Difficult for pensioners choosing between eating and heating, yes. Difficult for those working for nothing in your newly created slave society, yes. Difficult for those affected by mass immigration as housing and jobs become scarcer and scarcer, yes. Difficult for all you smarmy, evil, multi-millionaires who couldn’t give a damn about anyone, oddly enough, no. Stop saying “difficult”, because you find it more than easy and I’d have more respect for you if you at least admitted it.

And to begin this year, proposals to cut housing benefit from the under 25s, who they clearly believe should all go home and live with their parents, or if that’s not an option, under a bridge. Whichever, they couldn’t care less, provided it frees up more money to share between themselves, or squander on unwinnable wars. More cuts affecting only the poorest people in society, while further tax cuts for the super rich are also being mooted. It hasn’t been said, but I also suspect pensioners can kiss goodbye to their freedom passes along with their winter fuel payments. We’re all in this together – yet another bullshit soundbyte.

Not that getting this lot out and the other lot in will make a blind bit of difference, because, while they do a bit of Punch and Judy in the commons and pretend to be deadly enemies, in reality they are all singing from the same hymn sheet and all doing the bidding of the same people. None of them work for us and if you still believe that they do, “naïve” is the nicest word I can think of to describe you. There are many other words that aren’t at all nice, but I’m firmly biting my tongue.

As for a referendum on Europe, don’t hold your breath. If Labour get back in, they have made no such promise and even if the Tories give us the vote in 2017, not only will they spend squillions frightening people into voting yes as they did in Ireland, by then there will be so many foreigners here who know which side their bread is buttered, the no voters will be overruled anyway. Wall, head, bang, bang, bang…

I think there were some other things in the 2013 news’ dregs that were pissing me off (lots of them), but I can’t call them to mind right now. The old memory’s a little, um, thingamajig. Unreliable. After I’ve had a bit of a lie down and changed my incontinence pants, if I recall the other annoying news from the end of last year, maybe I’ll be back later with a 60 second dumbed-down update rant.


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4 Responses to Annoying News Dregs from 2013

  1. dioclese says:

    I think you’ve covered the salient points!

  2. Avril King says:

    I wish I had such clarity of thought and the same talent to express it.

  3. tonyjayg says:

    There were many more Dioclese, but I have to eat and sleep as well as rant… 🙂

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