All Things Must Pass

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When the darkness comes down and the black dog bites

If the days seem hard, but much harder the nights


When hope is afar and despair all too near

If little is left barring worry and fear


If your friends turn away and leave you in pain

When heartbeats are thunder and tears fall like rain


If karma has dealt you yet one more dead hand

When plans go awry like a rocket unmanned


When nightmares are all that you get from your sleep

If you wake in the dawn and can’t help but weep


When your trust in people has crashed on a reef

If a loved one smiles but then kicks in your teeth


If you can’t see the point of each waking morn

When you try to be brave, though feeling forlorn


If fate cruelly removes that last friendly face

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I'm a great bloke. That's all you need to know. ;)
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