F W Woolworths, Gone but not Forgotten

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Woolworths I miss you badly
As I write my list today
Gone but not forgotten
Why couldn’t you make it pay

No more kitchen wall clocks
No more super mops
Gone the paint and rollers
You really were the tops

I need a plastic tea-tray
And lots of pick and mix
But gone your many treasures
Where will I get my fix

I miss the socks and cushions
The tea pots, pads and pencils
I miss the toys and frying pans
The dye, the mugs and stencils

I need some brown shoe polish
And own brand paint remover
I need a pair of earphones
And dust bags for my Hoover

I want some black boot laces
And brass numbers for my gate
I want a funny birthday card
To send to my good mate

Where will I find my baubles
And chocolates for my tree

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