Strange Times Indeed

This about the occult, the masons, numerology and how they all love the number 33, among others. The reason for reposting is because the banker who recently jumped to his death from a window (or was thrown, maybe) did so from the 33rd floor. You’ll see the relevance if you read this piece.

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Chilean miners rescue an occult event? Surely not, right? Many other strange occurrences going on, but they’re just coincidences, as well, aren’t they? You decide…

Nick Dean:  I have studied occult symbols and numerology for some time now. You could argue I am looking for these numbers, but my argument against this is that you don’t know how the occult operate.  There are many too many coincidences with the miners rescue:

1. Miners discovered on August 5, which happens to be the 33rd week of the year.

2. The miners were 69 days underground. Turn this number upside down you’ll still have 69. Has anyone heard of ying yang? Well look it up, it’s an occult symbol that has something to do with light and darkness – the marriage of the male sun and the female moon. If you think this has nothing to do with the journey from beneath the cave…

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